You Know The Way…ll

…after you’ve

already written something

and think

that’s it

I can go to sleep now

I’m done

only you can’t


after you’ve navigated

your way into bed

in the darkness

and he’s already snoring

but not quite sleeping

and your warmth


you might be Michael McIntyre’s dishwasher

but all you can think about is

the next in a possible series

but shit


you’ll forget

if you don’t get back up

or sneak the kindle under the bedclothes

and he’s still snuggling in

not quite snoring

and going


and I go


need to get up

I’ll forget

and he goes

you owe me

and I say

I know

big time

and I do


how many

don’t get it

but accept it

that you write


in the night

after Drambuie

and giggles


13 thoughts on “You Know The Way…ll”

  1. Lol…the image (after 2 posts) momus, has me grinning from ear to ear. I liked the first one with a grin, but as soon as I saw the second just took off from where you last were, I near wet myself…only you can create an image like that momus, only you 😀
    I’d try to describe it and drop my tablet in the loo 😀

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    1. I’ve literally just made a comment on yours! Weird! The night time prowlers in the brain and a keyboard urging come. And then peace. I did get a sleep. Hope you did too. 🙂


  2. I often feel “I am done” and post my story or set it up to be scheduled. As I go to sleep, whether I have imbided wine, coffee or chamomile tea, I still have thoughts swirling around. There was a creative burst in this post which I loved and how you expressed this “next in a possible series.”

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    1. I can’t seem to switch it off, Robin. It does my head in sometimes ( touch wood!) I don’t know how hubs puts up with my nighttime prowlings and forays under the covers. He’s out like a light and I’m repeating phrases to myself like a demented budgie some nights. :/


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