could he row back time through ancient channels

oars heaving on the drag where stillbirth weeps

splinters edged their way, his leathered hands held

damp muscles moaned and begged unending sleep

the doldrums drugged him, nudged defiant nuance

come rest, they said, forget and bide ye here

amid false calm to dark tumult hereunder

relax, lay back, your haven it is near

mesmeric waves of stillness poured upon him

narcotic song of sirens far beneath

to drift in waves of opioid rhythmic cadence

temptation in surrender, weapons sheathed

yet he rowed, in shards of pain and fury

the rasping on his skin a testament

endurance, no mere word, in life’s still waters

muscled memory hoved though strength near spent

miles or more he moved in arcs of fruitless

or so it seemed as fog around still lay

plied, exerted, all he had within him

lone figure, chloroformed, in shadowed day

a mirror watched his progress, paid his passage

unknown to him, it glanced on waters dark

slivers sliced and pierced his skin, world weathered

weary palms saw nothing of their spark

determination drove his lone resistance

persistence plied in dogged dips and heaved

cleared the stagnant sludge that hindered leverage

worked his way towards something he believed

27 thoughts on “Leverage”

    1. Thank you kindly, Mike. I’m now tempted to ask if you do readings. I don’t know that about you yet but you sound as if you know a thing or two about theatre. You’ve conjured the scene for me and I’m always prepared to have guests. 🙂

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      1. Me? I know little about little and haven’t seen a stage play for years sadly. My voice certainly wouldn’t do for the West End (South London accent you see). However, the joy of a good poem is that without invitation it is capable of taking both thoughts and indeed mind generally where it wants to…in essence the poem comes to life. With this super piece it was a solitary soul upon a stage. Sadly, I cannot lay claim to be anything other than an old fool.

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  1. I like your use of alliteration here, it addsto the sense of this being an endless voyage. Your poem very much evokes a feeling of searching for something that one knoes isn’t there. Well written, Anne-Marie.

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  2. Incredibly powerful, descriptive of physical exertion and emotional mood. So many gems here such as “opioid rhythmic cadence” and “drag where stillbirth weeps”. Stunning writing at it’s best…just loved this. 😊

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      1. Loving the coo! I can identify with that, my 6 are a lot older than your 7… 32 to 18… So my times are a changing, but it passes and now I find myself in a very new and interesting place! Hang on in there and strength and energy to you…lots of it! 😀

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