wondered where the gargoyle veg had gone

the ugly fruit, the less than pretty perfect

the deformed

th (8)

wondered why shaving skills were

only tested in long sweeps

carbuncled obstacles absent

th (1)

wondered whether they had strutted off

or were shunned by prudish

for daring their genitalia

th (6)th (4)

exposing their subterranean

coitus interrupted


th (7)

prescribed proclivities prearranged in rows

to accept only beauty perceived

by self-appointed guardians of acceptable

displaying uniformity of choice

fixating on one size fits all

reluctance to embrace

or court valentines

different from standardised

not only humour bypassed

th (2)

38 thoughts on “Bypassed”

      1. You know from little kids we are groomed sometimes by design, sometimes not to see things the way others would have us see them…most then go on to grow up judging beauty by the stereotypical. So very wrong.


      1. Looks like some here may accept more variety from the growers and sell them cheaper because they’re deemed substandard. Their high handedness rather gets my goat. Variety is, indeed, the spice of life. 🙂

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    1. Really! The programme I was watching was attempting to persuade supermarkets to relax their standards and accept a wider array. Looks like they might be succssful too and the supermarkets will sell them cheaper. It’s a bizarre sort of judgement they’re making.


  1. Leave it to you Anne-Marie to remind us of our conscience in such an entertaining and yet incisive way. These photos are astounding and what a commentary on human nature, too. Love this post! (Especially being someone who has never met a vegetable or fruit she didn’t like — well, with the exception of the Caju, the fruit of the cashew tree– tastes like gasoline, LOL). ❤

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    1. Quality judgements are being made for us and I don’t like it, Beth. Especially when the ones making them don’t choose to reveal the adverse effect on the growers who’re being hit hardest. How often does this type of manipulation occur in all areas of life and we’re kept in the dark like mushrooms?!
      I love veg too although I’ll warrant I haven’t tasted half as many types as you. I haven’t even heard of the fruit you mention – not that I fancy tasting gasoline. 🙂
      Many thanks, as ever, Beth, for your thoughtful comments and encouragement.x


  2. I wasn’t sure if I mentioned I included you in a short list of nominees for the Sunshine Blogger’s Award yesterday? Hope more people will drop by and see your interesting and diverse posts! 🙂

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    1. I’ve only managed to get into one other so far, Robin. Saturdays are the worst for calturing time. But I will get back in and also thank you once again for the nomination. You’re so very kind.x


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