After Valentine’s Day

Lisa’s post,, finished with the sentence, ‘Love me the day after Valentine’s Day’. It rang true to me and sounded like the title of a song. My attempt at some lyrics is below. I do, however, still accept chocolate at any point in the year. And flowers are always welcome too. 😉

Don’t need your bouquets

Your silk-ribboned boxes

Don’t need your love for one day

Don’t want your chocolates

Your presents and whatnots

Need love after Valentine’s Day

Don’t want attention

Because someone mentions

Cupid and hearts or harp strings

Can’t see the point of 

Being nudged to fulfil love

Never needed such things

Don’t bring me roses

Or cards with trite prose

Who needs romance for a day

Heartbeats and flowers 

For twenty-four hours

No one should live quite that way

Empty of promise

If we’re being honest

Love that lives for one day

Needs renewed, redefined

For although cards are fine

Who can hear what they say

I need a voice near

A daily small voice near

That loves ’til the end of all time

Keep your midwinter candy

Although sweet is dandy

I need a love less refined

A man for all seasons

Who doesn’t need reasons

But loves me because it’s today

Each day of the year

Ev’ry day holds me near

Come whatever life may

Bring me yourself love

Who needs the white doves

I need a man who will say

I want you today and

I’ll need you tomorrow

I’ll love you after Valentine’s Day


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