Sew Silly

There was a hole in my jumper

I sewed it, I sewed it

There was a hole in my jumper

I sewed it with thread

My kids can’t do sewing

I showed them, I showed them

My kids don’t do sewing

They throw out instead

So I do it for them

And moan while I do it

So I do it for them

There’s a hole in my head


Real Love Walks On Water

I started this last night as a romantic love poem but it got away from me. I can’t see any man (or woman) in this light, which rather leaves my poor husband in an awkward place, with some stiff competition. And me right there beside him. Much as we might like to emulate the love I speak of, I guess we all find it beyond us for the most part. With the exception, maybe, of a parents’ love for their children. And even that, sadly, is not guaranteed. I work in schools. I know.

I suppose you might view this as my love poem to one who loves the way I’d like to. I don’t think he’d mind. He’s my pal. Some days, right enough, we’re not on speaking terms and I nag him like a good wife would till he gets his act together. I reckon, though, he did have it together and we’re the ones with the agape complexes.

he could bend the wings of angels with every he breath he took

melt the polar icecaps should they chance to take a look

tremor earth’s foundations until they moaned and shook

and all because of who he was back then

he could turn the heavens inside out with a wink of careless eye

slow down time’s momentum with the softest, gentlest sigh

turn the tides upon themselves so moon would give a cry

and all because of who he was back then

he could penetrate the minds of men and give them faith within

bestow the light of wisdom with a wave or with a grin

he could walk upon the waters by such grace no need to swim

and all because of who he was back then

he could be the man he was because he loved by clear default

he believed in power of love to do all things and hatred halt

he showed us how but something in our makeup is at fault

and all because of who we are since way back when 

we could be the love he is if we let him live again

we could resurrect his ways and maybe then

we could walk upon the waters and grace the earth again

and all because we learn to truly love like him