Worship Postponed ……till further notice



naked prostration forecast

veneration imminent

for Helios’ disciples

lovers of the light revere


cold-blooded despair lies prone

enslaved to absent shadows

titanic teardrops drowning

charioteer’s devotees



17 thoughts on “Worship Postponed ……till further notice”

    1. I never use brollies – detest the buggers. But I did have the temerity to choose a lighter dress today, had it whipped round my legs, blown up my arse and was left sporting a rather fetching washed out rag look that I believe might catch on here with much more of this godforsaken weather. And that was just getting to my car!
      That. :/

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      1. I’ve near wet myself (and not the weather kind 😀 ), the images you project are beautifully described momus.
        I do hope your ‘craze’ catches on, that wet, clingy look has merits, the guys will love it 😉
        Remind me to not get between you and the Gods of thunder though 😀

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      2. Blue and bedraggled it really was, Mark. I was full of foolish optimism at this morning’s clear skies and a lying weather forecast. My hope was crushed along with my frock – that was a bigger killer. If I get my hands on those gods – or that bloody weathergirl – I’ll brain them. Stay clear.

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  1. …to top it all, last night and this morning we had lots of snow. Ah! I think the dancing round henges is well overdue…anyone for Callanish? We must appease the gods! great chuckle-inducing words… 😊

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    1. A dusting of it here, Krysia just to break the monotony of the rain. Then business, as usual, this afternoon. I’m in for Callanish and some ritual cleansing of the skies. No naked frollicking though, it’s too bloody cold! 🙂

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