Code Crackers

pristine cuffs caressed wrists’ tendon motions

while fingertips rejoiced in plans afoot  

whorls beat out their selfish contemplation  

agreeing all objections would be moot

tanned of hands, sun-kissed hairs outstanding

anticipation rising flexed his pores

today would be the day to crush all opposition

imminent announcement to the fore

endorsement first from others, silk-tied brothers

consanguinity defined in common threads

some hours more to prove, if points need proving

coded status quo they would embed

a wieldy operation worth its planning

his webbed deceit, survival for his kind

sublimate the conscious, fake retrieval

adorn the visors, mystify the blind

padding paused, an outstretched hand, one button

just one finger to the tide, reverse the trend, then wait

a king of sorts, authority unchallenged

identity unknown, disguised, he sits in state

master of the universe by doxa

decencies decreed by points of view

habitus dependent, reinforcing

indemnity, by power, to be and do

little knows he, dark within new brainstorms

blinkered by his surety and bluff

maelstrom in the minds of fissured fusion

it’s time, he says, and millions cry, in unity, enough

7 thoughts on “Code Crackers”

    1. Thanks, Paul, duly fixed. Kindle typing again. :/
      I suppose it could be Trump or any of his ilk, although I suspect those with the real power are less well known. Mr Anonymous here is a character from what I think is the opening scene in rehashing my work of fiction.

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  1. Wow…. Had to read this one a few times so I didn’t miss any nuances and I had to look up ‘by doxa’ wow Ancient Greek. So many convoluted strands here. This is a really hi tech sophisticated poem and your choice of vocabulary all adds to the air of secrecy. So many bits I love in this, his webbed deceit, adorn the visors, mystify the blind, and loads more… You are indeed a master of melding words together to portray the atmosphere you want to put across…brilliant once again! 😀

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  2. Oh, supposed “king” should not be given the time of day. I just cannot believe the idiocy of the public and why what he says is acceptable~ is beyond me!
    Great post and you wrote this very interesting to read! 🙂


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