Magic And Miracles

who has time for magic that needs spelling


more meaningful

have power

who has time to wait till cauldron bubbles


don’t need minutes

or vague hours

miracles can happen in a moment

a gasp of breath

to question

is this real

puffs of smoke


still gather

while magic takes some time to set its seal

who really wants to hear

the witches’ cackle

the haggard breaths and warts

that spell their names

one drop of faith

the potion is as potent

magic happens, daily,

just the same



hold the universe

it daily wakens

within your hands

it’s there to weave all spells

all power bestowed in fragments

all components

a legacy of magic 



19 thoughts on “Magic And Miracles”

  1. Wonderful weaving of words, Anne-Marie, to explain the difference between magic and miracles. So true.”Miracles can happen in a moment” The world can be wondrous “with a drop of faith.”

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  2. The power of the heart, such a tiny organ, but a whole universe inside its loving walls…now that’s magic momus.
    Beautifully written, and I’ll bet from the miracle of that love within 🙂

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  3. Very well observed, Anne-Marie. We just need to learn to spot the little miracles that are all around us rather than waiting for the one big one that will ‘change our lot’.

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  4. You done it again…conjured up a setting within this old head to the exquisite mood of the poem. Here I hear a Shakespearian actor of the old order narrating over the intro to a film of the Lord of the Rings genre…in point of fact on second read I am in the cinema. Bravo once again

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