Practice and Performance

tread lightly on the path of least resistance

on wooden toes, find strength, one must perform

balance on frail bridge without assistance

bright light in sight, no ligaments yet torn

plie, pirouette, without extension

trained for timely twirls to softly land

faster, faster, dizzying dimension

unruffled skirts, poised lithely, final stand

unapplaused in practice and performance

musculature, well-versed, its memory

carries through, determination’s dominance

treads lightly, choreographed, till finally free

Apologies one and all for being an absent blogger. Didn’t even hand in a sick note! Final leg here of around thirty thousand words in reports due in for tomorrow. No sweat. Well, maybe a little glowing – I’m a lady. Except for the swearing that has accompanied using an online reporting programme only barely fit for purpose. Bring back pens, I say. I’d have been done two weeks ago. Hope you’re all well and I haven’t missed too much. What’s the gossip? Oh, wrong forum. Been off everything. And all without withdrawal symptoms. Bit of a surprise, that.

Now, back to last of the reports. Any euphemisms out there I haven’t used to temper bad news? Just how many ways can you say, ‘you’re wean’s a lazy, blethering tike’?

23 thoughts on “Practice and Performance”

  1. You were off diligently working momus, pirouette’ing with your pen mightily 🙂
    Sorry to disturb your Holy Grail of words for your report, but the silence was aggravating my daily routine….no momus is like rain without water or sunshine with no sun.
    I was entering withdrawals, thinking of a world with no momus. I even thought of standing on the edge of my balcony and ending it all….and then I realised there would be no momus there either.
    I’m hooked…I’m a momus-aholic…always looking for that hit, that one word…or two so I can make it through my day.
    Your just going to have to finish that book momus, so I have something to see me through these lean times 😀

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    1. Now that’s an accolade and a half, Mark! Sunshine and rain? I’m a rainbow! 😉 I’m all done now but James Herbert has been patiently waiting for my attention so it’s a pot of tea, chocolate stash and leisurely night tonight, then maybe back to normal tomorrow – whatever normal is. 🙂

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      1. Just be you momus…and to be truthful, sometimes its just good to let it all go and just do something different….like write reports 😀
        Plus the summer is arriving your way, you’ll need to get out in that lovely sunshine, absorb some vitamin D…and live a little after months of freezing conditions. The human condition goes much gooderer when it’s warm 🙂

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  2. Life, a subtle balancing act – until infirmity takes hold and we plummet from the world. A fine poem, Anne-Marie, I’ve missed your words.
    Good luck completing your reports; I’m sure you’ve used all the stocks phrases such as: ‘needs to develop more focus if he is to fulfil his potential’ (lazy bugger) or ‘ she needs to try hard not to allow herself to become distracted’ (disruptive influence). Take care!

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    1. I’m relieved now they’re done, Chris. Printed off and signed without one do over. Well chuffed. At least next term’s reports are just talking at parents’ night – no sweat there. 😉 And I’m not even going to think about what’s still on the to do list!

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  3. I have missed you! I haven’t been on either…. I have written and revealed myself, if that is news… I am DAF no longer, but my blog will remain the same name… as for euph….can’t spell that word… how about *()*))))^%$%#####@%^&*()!!!!! Love ya!

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  4. I am just relieved that I am not the only one with these problems lately. It seems everyone I usually interact with here and elsewhere is grappling with these constraints.

    A big hug to you Anne-Marie. It is a tribute to how much you are treasured, that people miss you the minute you are away!


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