Fucks Given. Or Not.

Fuck you, man

You gave me only hardship

Exchanged good blood

Anaemia your gift

Fuck you, man, I’ve rested

Know the truth now

You’ll drink me dry

Till nothing left but dust

Fuck you, man

Persuasion and your power

All lies you tell

To keep the grindwheel oiled

Fuck you, man

Not long now that you’re rumbled

Revolution imminent


Survival of the fittest or the richest

I’m fit for you

Rich bastards

Watch me live

Watch me, watch me closely

Fuck your methods

I’ll outlive you

While, fuck you, I, no fucks can give

I’ll see you yet, in hell, when hellfire freezes

I’ll fuck your system sideways till I’m old

You have the means, we have the power

All that’s needed, hearts and souls, still whole and not yet sold

Fuck you, man…… although I’m tired

Weary of the fight…… but still go on

Let’s all fuck, as one, together

Can’t fight orgasmic power for that long

Fuck you, man, you faceless, mindless moron

The suit that serves you well won’t serve you long

Though fucked beyond endurance, we’re still standing

Fuck you, man, we’re fighting you, still strong

Watch the faces change as climax reaches

Point beyond endurance, simmering

You’re fucked, and time will tell,  you mark me

We’ll fuck you sideways yet, now boiling

Watch your backs, your anuses, you fucktards

We know you now for what you really are

Vampires, all, without salvation

I’m cursing you right here and none are barred

Your time is drawing close while ours is looming

Death beyond what you have ever seen

Expulsion from the hierarchy, we’re blooming

While you, you’re fucked, as if you’ve never been.

15 thoughts on “Fucks Given. Or Not.”

    1. And the life they would offer as the only option, Mark. I’ve just realised how completely shattered I am and wondering how long they expect a soul to give. I need to stop. Seriously, need to stop. But, I won’t. I’ll see them rot in hell first. There’s no need, in this day and age, for people to be working beyond fifty! Pass the baton on, I say. Bastards are terrified we’ll have a pension they have to pay out on. Don’t get me started. Fuck them! I’m near. Touching distance and ready to go awol. La, de, da, missus sunshine has had it up to here. I’m thinking up new swear words. Have a few belters that might never have seen the light of day. Don’t know if WP could take them without a breakdown. :/ Might send them for perusal!

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  1. With you all the way, Anne-Marie. Five years and fuck ’em! Til then, don’t let the bastards grind you down.
    Easter hols and seeing my fave band of all time tomorrow ( And Also The Trees, if you’re wondering). First time since 1998.
    Great rant!

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    1. Nearly deleted this post this morning, Chris. Never blog on wine! But it’s still the truth so it’s staying. Thank god (literally!) it’s a long weekend with a short week and a holiday to follow. Enjoy your band – don’t think I’ve ever heard of them. I’ll check out youtube.

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      1. Truth indeed. Two weeks off here (thankfully), and I intend to have a fully enjoyable evening, thank you.
        English band, always done well in Europe, yet never over here. A bit too ‘niche’ I feel.


    1. As long as they don’t mess with it or change the goalposts, I’ll be good – ish. Sorry about all the swearing. I don’t usually go in for quite so much of it. I blame exhaustion and wine. And a major need to vent. Now over. Till the next time.

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