none shall pass untouched who feel our presence

ice fingers tracing spinal length’s backbone

scalped insinuations, hairline fractures

pass, ye may, but ye shall not pass alone

ev’ry voice that cried or ever suffered

has found a resting place to never rest

instead we weep till justice serves betrayal

awaiting still our time and fairer test

upon the heath and deep within the fissures

our whispered voices carry on the breeze

carry, yet, our message to those list’ning

where evil prospered souls cannot find ease

hear our plaintive pleading when ye pass here

remember well the feelings we instill

lest ye forget, we stay awake, unsettled

crying, suffering, recalling still

hands that slayed, the will behind the actions

unpunished motivations roam the earth

hear us, feel us, trapped where murder flourished

the silent ones delay our due rebirth