Bewitched Over You

climbed ladders and ledges

scaled mountains in pain

crossed deserts, dense jungle

to seek you again

found new worlds, discovered

black magic for you

endured endless torture

but you were untrue

with the strength I have mustered

on travels, I’ve learned

to mix poisoned potion

that will sting and flames burn

bedevil your life

like you’ve done to mine

you’ll drink of the chalice

disguised as fine wine

and suffer the torment

your love gave to me

in your death throes I’ll dance

and proclaim I am free

with splinters from ladders

stone fragments from ledge

herbs gathered from mountains

with this song I do pledge

that from deserts and jungles

where berries I plucked

I’ll cure my addiction

spell good from bad luck

serving you notice

while pestle I grind

bewitched till the end

and out of my mind

but soon from the bubbles

that boil in your name

I’ll climb no more mountains

to find you again

for I’ll drink from destiny

you’ll get your dues

in hell where you led me

I’ll be all over you