Whose Army

By angelic proclamation, the fearless dared to tread

Called upon the living and all those unjustly dead

Rise upon the morning, there are fools to fill with dread

To save the children suffering and ensure that all are fed

With shields and swords the angels adorned themselves with flame

Faces quite anonymous and no one knew their names

Led an army galvanised, none before the same

The flag unfurled, a pennant, brightest white and deathly plain

Marched they into vestibules of chambers far and wide

None could halt their access though they tried, oh how they tried

Quivering, unbowed, the brazen culprits did not hide

Believing still the rights of kings, protecting those inside

Inside corrupted corridors, ashen faces turned

Aghast at blazing bravery, afraid they would be burned

While all around, the voices cried, maybe now you’ll learn

And, as one, they clashed and flashed their swords, system overturned

By seraphic proclamation, a message to the fools

Do not tread where angels fear nor alter godly rules

Children first, the kingdom, woe betide who bleed their souls

An army forms to vanquish you, to crush inhuman goals

Fear the retribution of the soldiers who are fed

By hosts from heaven sent to purge corruption of undead

No crypt shall hold the army upon whose stones they bled

Arise, they shall, the innocent, by angels, justly led.


11 thoughts on “Whose Army”

    1. I was thinking of all the children who suffer, and have, in the name of politics and religions. And revenge! Gets my goat, Robin, what passes for governance all over. I was imagining an army of angels/kids changing things.


      1. Well, at least if they go through the corridors of those corrupt individuals that are always in power, in all our countries, life might just take on a beautiful new direction and a wonderful place to be 🙂


    1. Thanks, Mike. Got lost on the battlefield there! Most politics/politicians make my blood boil. What I wouldn’t give to take a sword to them – even just to jag them in the bum – hard.

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