Always After Midnight

It’s always after midnight on the streets where they do roam

It’s always after midnight going home

The clocks they keep on ticking and time moves steadily

But it’s always after midnight when they’re free

It’s always after midnight when they find you all alone

It’s always after midnight when they moan

Days turn into darkness and night prepares the fee

And it’s always after midnight faithfully

It’s always after midnight when they whisper down the phone

It’s always after midnight when they’re gone

No one sees them coming but they visit frequently

And it’s always after midnight when we see

17 thoughts on “Always After Midnight”

    1. Thanks, Chris. I have to give my 14 year-old some credit for this as she piped up with, ‘but it’s always after midnight’ while her dad and I were trying to explain The Gremlins to my 9 year-old. I really liked the phrase. 🙂

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      1. It was a song from the Viva La Vida album the critics were not kind about yet I thought it brilliant, especially the mood of Cemeteries of London that had the same ‘mood’ as your delightful poem…yes, ‘delightful’ is, I think the right word. Keep up the fine work.


  1. Oh…I thought you were referring to the Sandman 🙂
    I don’t go to bed till after midnight some nights, and he CAN’T come because I’m not in my bed. Shoot, he’s even written to the Sandman union about my lack of respect for his services 😀

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      1. You too! That time of night, the silence has noooo distractions and I can get down and deep…until I look at the time and realise it IS a little bit late at 2 or 3am 🙂
        Which I shouldn’t do because it blocks our Circadian Rhythm which throws switches to detox and heal. Oh, and the dreams in the R.E.M. phase of sleep…and tuck our Endocrine system into bed after allowing us to do everything on automatic all day…and stocks up our energy reserves…and adds fats for energy later…and…just EVERYTHING!
        So that is why we feel like we’ve been run over by a truck when we don’t get our sleep 🙂
        I’m going to bed now, I’m tired from going through all that, I need a rebuild 😀


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