is it over

can it be the danse macabre

brings surcease

curtains close

all contracts end in purple

l’entr’acte just before

the final peace


14 thoughts on “L’entr’acte”

    1. Wasn’t it bitter! I walked to the shops at lunchtime and came back with my eyes watering! Just mental busy at the moment, Krysia. School and family. Still squeezing in the writing when I can but not managing much else. Hope you and yours are doing fine.x

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      1. Yes, thanks doing fine! I totally empathize…school, family and I just do not know how you squeeze in the writing. Did a lot of gardening for clients last week but this week Baltic again…unbelievable. Neither of us able to get out to work…Lots of organ playing, funeral to play tomorrow and 3 services on Sunday. I will be all played out by Sunday night…Just dipping into the Blogosphere as and when able. Hang on in there my friend…the pace has got to die down at some point, surely? All the Best and here’s to some extra energy right now…. take care and thanks for the comment in amongst your busy schedule. 😊

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      2. Ticking off the boxes still till the end of term then freedom. 🙂 You sound busy too. We’ll keep hoping for a change in the weather and a chance to do something in it. Roll on summer. 🙂

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