Svetlana reposes mysteriously

on couches and cushions of silk

observing the passage of time carefully

sipping on cocktails of milk

mixed with the blood of pilgrims processed

during visits and viced rendezvous

enlarging on life and the secret of youth

in voice laden with honey and dew

plenty of sleep from the harshness of day

a diet of liquid preserve

no more than needed, enough is enough

with some captives held in reserve

twenty or so, going on ninety-two

could be two hundred and five

Svetlana’s not telling though many have begged

and wound up not quite alive

Svetlana reposes so elegantly

batting more than her eyes

her teeth are long gone so she sips through a straw

vampire with sucker surprise

please drink your milk is the lesson she gives

the calcium’s good for your bones

your marrow, my milkshake, donated to live

now, piss off, and leave me alone

9 thoughts on “Milkshake”

  1. Bravo! Love the element of surprise here from line to line and so many wee gems… blood of pilgrims, twenty or so going on ninety two, vampire with sucker supreme…now that one made me laugh, and finally “Piss off!” I can picture it all clearly. Perfect, just perfect. Enjoyed this read so much! 😊


  2. Now that has made me gag! I don’t like flavoured milk. But tomato juice! Retch. Even thinking about it. Worse than blood and I’m not great with that either. :/


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