You’re Younger Yet

you’re younger yet and life holds full its promise

and I would not deny you all its claims

nor ever harness hopes or all that they hold

nor ever seek to squash the fire that calls your name


and I would not withhold from you each wishbone

that comes your way, upon which you may dream

nor burden you with harsher truths that years taught

I’d never blot the landscape of young life or all it seems


I have no aspirations to encumber the joy you know

for I, too, once believed the dreams you cherish and you hold

I once believed that all I sought was there for ripest taking

if I were, like you, courageous and so bold


I’d never take away your youth nor hope diminish 

by word or deed, the dreams we share, though altered, still unchanged

I cannot be the one who says the no to

life’s expansion, growth, by any name


life takes on a new form and I’d never challenge spirit

younger years, exuberance that dares

I’d only caution prudence, observation

as you climb the unknown, always have a care


as you go along the ridges, meet the strangers

hold within some doubt, please think of this

that somewhere, on the dark of all horizons

is the love that once betrayed with tender kiss


you’re younger yet and, out there, there are traitors

beware but still believe that life is fine

I’m older, always here if you’re discouraged

one flight away, one thought to keep in mind


28 thoughts on “You’re Younger Yet”

      1. Married to Andre Previn one time. He left her for the then very young Mia Farrow. Why do I store this information? Do you do that…I mean store things that are arguably worthless?

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      2. Are you joking? You should see my handbag, my office and the inside of my brain! I always think I’ll need something later so hang on to it ‘just in case’. I will now store that piece of information for the next quiz and any relevant question. 🙂

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      3. Same here. My office walls are covered in the outline of my book – printed large to see from my desk – and all in some kind of order. Not helping much at the moment though. Think I need to take them down, jumble them up and rehang.:/

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  1. …wise and loving words from a mother. We all had those dreams once…and the exuberance of youth that no mountain is too tall to scale! Those dreams do return, just perhaps a little more grounded when they do so! Beautiful words as ever my friend! Big connections here! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Krysia. Making ready to kiss one of my brood bye for a few months and holding back the tears. I can’t say a word as I did it myself and so did her dad. But, oh my, I wish I could tell my own my mum I understand now. :/

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      1. …I know how you feel, my daughter turned 18 and within days had put herself onto a plane alone, to fly to Australia to do a gap year. She had never flown before…it was really really tough…for both of us. Love and hugs flying your way by wind from Lanark! I was on my own that time and cried all the way back on the train from Glasgow Central to Lanark. Keep strong and brave….my thoughts are with you… 🙂

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      2. Oh, gawd, a year! Australia! I’d have been a wreck. I’m keeping my passport handy just in case. She’s eighteen too and really not very worldly wise. I’ve been dishing out advice like mince and tatties. Thank you for your thoughts, Krysia.x

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  2. This is a beautifully crafted poem, Anne-Marie, which contains a wonderful sentiment. Perhaps one day there will come a time when our children’s dreams will come to fruition.

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    1. Well, one of mine is upstairs, giggling with her friends who’ve come to see her off, as she makes final adjustments to a suitcase that has to see her through the next few months. And I’m pretending that everything’s fine and that I believe all that I’ve written here. I’m rubbish at letting go but doing it anyway while I remember my own travels. Think that’s making it worse, though. :/

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      1. Sounds tritr I know, but deep down you know you’ve done a good job so everything really will be ok. Deep breath and, where ever she’s heading, send her off with a hug. Take care. Chris

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