The Salt Force



we skate across the surface of the salt flats

hexagonals imprinted mind and feet

puzzling horizons boundless buoyant

at altitude where earth and heavens meet

we skate for love for countries for our children

olympian with gods encountered there

wreaths of crystal flavoured tessellations  

our crowns with cubic thorns atop frail hair

bonded to the brittle dessicated

in parched seas that mirror clouds and question why

perception plays its mind games at all tangents

while we skate and build the pillars merchants buy

steel-capped toes with buckled belts and braces

dungaree’d to toil and till to max

salaried in coarse and fine thrown pinches

cellars stocked elsewhere evading tax

a pocketful of salt o’er willing shoulders

a world within a world forced to believe

a conundrum geometric in equation

gliding on salt plains we must perceive

beneath the surface tension ionising

cellular components energy

minds must mine mutations magnifying

scale of operations ill-conceived

miners of the salt flats query skylines

skate for country, kids, to flavour fare

but be wary of illusions, thin-iced mirrors

turn and look, the salt force, be aware

8 thoughts on “The Salt Force”

  1. Praise, that tedious thing is insufficient here. Choice of subject matter, beautifully disguised metaphorical hints throughout, crafted so very well…in essence a bloody pleasure to read and absorb.

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  2. What a gorgeous photograph. And it is perfectly matched by those vivid allusions. I love anything so cool and blue, and so this was very welcome on a hot May morning in California!

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      1. That’s where we dry our washing — outside. We may as well take some advantage of all this free light and heat, lol. So glad you are having sun. Send us some clouds, please. ❤

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