No Mere Cipher

the west wind blows in

nothing, not a trace

zeroes in at nadir

holds place there

and everywhere

beyond, between


scale, equalising

positives and negatives

ending function

promoting its position

reproducing to infinity

power of significance

regenerating, regulating

zero impacting, this zephyr

no mere cipher, knowing

the value of nothing and

everything, it computes


9 thoughts on “No Mere Cipher”

  1. Sounds like love to me…does everything at all ends of the scale, and perfectly balanced momus.
    It is the absence AND combination of all that is…the ‘I am’ bit 🙂
    Great to hear from you my friend, your contemplating…….lots 🙂

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    1. The value of nothing and everything, Beth. Kind of what my job is about. Maybe we should send some folk back to school. I feel for you in the midst of the arguments, some more pointless than others.


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