Boxes To Go



I’ll make a net of cardboard, determine all the sides

Measure edges, long or short, how high, how deep, how wide

I’ll fold along the seam lines and straighten them just so

Insert the die-cut tags in slots for boxes fit to go


I’ll work the booth at drivethru’ on a wage that’s minimum

And do the job that I’ve been told with directions to keep schtum

I’ll scan the lists of orders determined in the past

Pack them in and label them and do it all so fast


I’ll never look at menu, I’ll never get it wrong

I’ll wear their hat upon my head, work zero hours or long

I’ll never question motives, I’ll never notice flaws

I’ll fold myself in pre-made box and follow unjust laws


I’ll keep my glue gun handy to fix up little holes

Take no risks that contents leak or spill out captured souls

I’ll fit all folk in boxes and hope that I am right

And even when I’m wrong I’ll cope with boxes out of sight


I’ll make my little boxes, red, yellow, black and white

One for you and one for you and maybe I just might

Make new boxes as I go with nets of different moulds

I’ll never look within myself, I could not be so bold


I like my little boxes, spent years on making them

Religious ones and foreign ones, some bashed, some straight, some bent

I’m living in a carton with cardboard cutout brains

Could you repeat that order so I can get it wrong again


15 thoughts on “Boxes To Go”

  1. They wanted us to fill in THEIR little boxes over here in our election Anne Marie.
    Well, I am sooooo impressed. For once the people actually spoke what they felt….and coloured in all OUTSIDE the boxes, completely thumbing their noses at the establishment and their bloody arrogance of trying to force us into their boxes.
    We have done a brilliant job, they still don’t know after a week who has actually been voted in.
    And as God is my witness, if the morons don’t listen to the protest vote that they have all just been given, I’ll bloody go to parliament house and burn the bloody thing down myself.
    Great poem momus, I think it may be the beginning of something new 🙂
    Oh, and great to hear that beautiful heart again, I’ve missed that lovely chorus 😀

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    1. Thanks, Mark. I’m still in meltdown mode at the moment trying to reboot my immune system but the news is driving me crazy. I don’t think it would make any difference here if we coloured in outside the boxes. A small minority of the populace will now elect the next prime minister and the choices would be freaking laughable if they weren’t so scary. My hope now is that another Independence referendum is triggered and that it is successful. There is more than enough evidence now of the lies and spin to sway those who were in two minds. I must get in to the Aussie politics and see how that pans out. If I see you on the news I’ll do my best to raise bail!

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      1. Thank you Anne Marie, hopefully it won’t reach that point 😀
        As an aside, the The liberal-National party has just snuck in and claimed the throne.
        And your right, we are at the whims of their lies AND the newspapers who spread whomever they are behind. Here all the major papers are Liberal supporters, so they never give us the truth behind them, but spread the lies about the opposition. All our information comes from there so it will obviously sway a large proportion of the population. How is anyone supposed to ‘find’ the truth when all we are fed is lies.
        I still come back to my way of how it should be done. Every six months we are given all that the politicians work on (they only sit in parliament for a few months a year to work stuff out, and after all the bitching and bickering, only every get half a dozen things passed each year), put it out to us to vote on, and then, and only then will we get a true democratic decision. A vote by the people, for the people. And no changes are allowed or it must come back to us to vote on.
        After a while they will realise they can no longer manipulate things for themselves or the under table payments from commercial interests, and they will leave, and slowly we will get back people who actually want to run the country and not screw it.
        And all electronically at that. Decisions immediately and not like down here and we have waited for over a week to see who won.
        Oh, and because you would no longer have to vote for anyone, you are now focusing on running the country instead of listening to 12 months of lying, manipulating and just plain rubbish.
        I understand why you guys over there have been through the wringer, having to put up with so much rubbish, it is no wonder you don’t know whether you are up or down.
        Now for something much more important momus, I hope you are well and your immune is getting better. The one base of an immune system is Vitamin D (sunshine). Get 20 minutes a day on as much of your body as you can, and it will boost it enormously (just don’t over do it and get burnt). Besides that, I’ll send a little energy your way to give you a hit and give it a boost as well.
        Big hugs kind lady 🙂 And don’t think about politics, that would drain anyone’s immune system 😀


  2. Excellent work, Anne-Marie. This is fine political satire but I also read a sense of frustration at how we are packaged into lives with the perceived fear of poking our heads out of our boxes too strong for many too ignore. Fine writing.
    Looks like you might het a second chance too, and this time things might go your way.

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    1. Counting on it, Chris. If we are such a liability why do they hang on so tightly? I personally know of people who previously voted no to independence based on the fear and lies campaign of Better Together who now say they wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. I’m heart sorry that your only choices are a Labour party who have lost all sight of their principles (seen and felt here in great measure for years) and a Tory party that never had any to start with unless there’s something in it for them. LibDems, dead in the water after their particular brand of sell out. Green would be an option (for me included) but there’s not enough of them yet. Maybe Corbyn could stand on an independent ticket of principles before power and retain popular support despite his colleagues’ shenanigans.
      I am frustrated at what’s going on worldwide at the moment, Chris. Little boxes about sums up how we are viewed and operate too often. The powers that be and those that operate inside the boxes must think we came up the Clyde in a banana boat. Roll on Indy2.

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      1. For the briefest of moments I saw hope for us in Corbyn (don’t you just hate optimism) but his position seems untenable now. We seem to be adrift and heading towards the falls. Oh to be Scottish!

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  3. Loved this Anne Marie. I doubt theirs a box made that could fit your story. I have made boxes before. It’s not easy and the cardboard cuts, take a lifetime to heal. I’m sure there is a lesson in there somewhere. 😉

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