When doublespeak becomes communication

When what was writ’s unwritten, lies are truth

When options few are really just the same ones

And those who should do better are uncouth

When people are the pawns and power the endgame

And news reported dwells on virtual facts

When 101’s a room we all must live in

And noble’s executed in dark arts

When Napoleon takes the credit for our efforts

And homage is considered his just due

When one would rise among us to refute this

The porcine clique, combined, know what to do

Rewrite our history and offer soundbites

Report what must be said in ways it must

The trough must not be shattered nor the dark lit

The face should honour boot and in it trust

When zombies tear at brains and then reshape them

When two and two is five in bankers’ math

When economic power’s the only saviour

And war is profit, gamblers scoff and laugh

When George’s past is now our glowing present

And Big Brother’s just a guy like all the rest

We’re living in a novel ’till we notice

That few among them work for what is best

When thirteen’s on the clock and we accept that

And still applaud the hand that strikes false hour

When destruction of the word is deemed a good thing

Gravity and science exist no more

When happiness is valued more than freedom

But only ours, not theirs, we’ve lost the plot

When isolation’s cult breeds more of ignorance

We have a world that’s free from reason; doublethought

When history reflects, some time, in the future

On what was what, and what was not, let’s pray

Our children can forgive us our trespasses

For the legacy of Orwell on that day


18 thoughts on “Orwellian”

  1. And what a legacy momus. But I do see something, but it can only be build on the hard bits we go through, or it will hold no truth, and we will just lay down with the dogs all over again.
    The fleas at the moment are driving Ferrari’s 🙂
    Great post momus, it is good to feel your heart scribbling away, it too gives me hope in a world where all there seems to be, is what you describe above 🙂

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      1. Most certainly not momus 😀
        Over here it is our term for the underdog, holding their head up high and facing the enemy regardless how the numbers against them might be. A warrior!!!
        Mmm, are you thinking of standing in for the underdog, and going for a place in parliament? Being the change we wish to see?
        Mind you, I would love to see you rap a heap of them over the knuckles with your ruler my friend, might teach them some respect 😀


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