One Song

How then to mend the circle once it’s broken

Fragments of the arc lie scattered, ruined

Sensed circumnavigation of the planet, observation

Detecting dissonance in chords in every tune


How then to close the gaps, the cracks, the fissures

The depths disparate, destitute, wartorn

One voice, survival, compromise, under pressure

For the weak, the strong, the willing, for newborn


How to prioritise the issues pending

The global, national, each local scene

One love, one voice, one purpose, life unending

Humanity dependent on one song


How then to sing a song that may unite us

Which strings to strum, whose fingers must we trust

Whose voice to listen to that won’t divide us

Compassion’s rises strong for what is just


Compassion’s song is gentle, seeks solutions

Forgives repentance, swallows hardships whole

Her song is crying listen, I am waiting

One world, survival, love, one song, the goal


How then to hear her voice within the tumult

Discordant notes that cry please look at me

Amid the monotone of, ‘I’m alright’, we must intuit

How to detect the raft upon high seas


No less than we would do for our own children

With selflessness through eyes that see for miles

By beginning with one chord, accord, a chorus

With empathy, attenuating lies


One voice, one world, one chance, one song, one option

To see what must be seen through keener lens

One humanity, there’s only one, one choice then

Compassion’s song must be our truest friend


“O, wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as others see us!
It wad frae monie a blunder free us,
An’ foolish notion.”  Robert Burns



26 thoughts on “One Song”

      1. Do you know what…writing poetry that likely 0.0000000000001% of the world reads, yet has a place somewhere and makes the writer feel a tad better is perhaps the writer’s best hope of staying sane!


  1. Beautifully written momus…it touches a chord within us all.
    But it must happen this way or any result will not be appreciated…whether an argument with a loved one or ISIS doing its thing. We are eventually forced into making decisions, right or wrong, and the outcome will drive us to change.
    But like all things, we trip and stumble until we find what we seek…that happiness that drives us all. And it isn’t until we realise that the only thing that will change ALL circumstances is the ability to change our understanding so that we WISH to change…not FORCE that change. And all of that can only be achieved by talking and communicating where we are at.
    The day that we sit down and really talk with a loved one over an argument, is the day we remove the fear that drives them because we begin to understand what has driven the other side. And in that resolvement it will build a respect, more trust…all built on the fact that the other party has respected us enough to speak from within (even though some arguments can dance around until that truth is reached).
    And in that, ISIS or whoever isn’t going anywhere until they can be spoken with, achieve that respect and realise their worth because we have respected them enough to listen….the one thing that we seek all our lives…for others to hear us and the things in our heart.
    So my friend, you have spoken, and I have heard the pain in your voice. I respect that you have spoken from your heart, and in the love that it was given, I shall also give from that place in all that I am. It is only then that love can be achieved.
    It is in loving ourselves, that this peace can be found, and then give from that place.
    I’ve re-read your post three times now, it is ‘one of those’….hang it up Anne-Marie, it will always ‘touch’ those that need it 🙂

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  2. We definitely have gone past the love one another, into a really broken state or situation. The world is in chaos but we should still hold out hope for One Voice, One Love, One Song! I liked your list and decided to just say this instead of remembering all the ways we could indeed unify!

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  3. your writing is profound, each poem I read I feel like I get to see a glimpse inside your soul. I know I say this all the time, but, believe me, you are an awesome poet. Would love to be able to sit and visit with you over a pot of tea and just pick your brain. Hope you are well.

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      1. I am doing okay, tired,but, hubby is starting to be able to walk again, so that will make it a bit easier on me. The light is at the end of the tunnel! So glad you are doing well. Think of you often. My niece and nephew were in Scotland this summer, I was so envious, kept thinking of you.

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