Lucifer’s Lucre



Lucre’s lost to Lucifer

He’s stored it in a drawer

Stuffed his mattress full of it

And he’s collecting more

He’s buying gold and silver

In bullion bars and coins

Out of circulation

Poor pennies all purloined

Millions moved in secret

Bankers in a tiff

Widows wonder, well they might

Why they are being stiffed

Interest rates are falling

Money still rotates

Spins and disappears, presto

Coinage used as bait

Buying, buying, selling

Systemic, soiled by greed

Bring back barter, fair and square

Recycle what you need

The devil’s in the detail

The detail doesn’t work

Debt and dollars, yen or pence

Well-oiled and soiled, corrupt

Funding war and weapons

Conflict prints the notes

The devil’s shitting dross embossed

Demonising other folks

Billions there for Trident

While pension pennies must be saved

People are expendable

Cost nothing in their graves

Value, values, Values

Money’s lost the plot

In the abstract, in the round

Does it work? Or not?

Lucre’s lost to Lucifer

There’s more and more and less

Tried and failed, the tainted truth

Satan’s capital is cursed


17 thoughts on “Lucifer’s Lucre”

  1. Yep, sounds like our system over here too Anne-Marie 🙂
    The Reserve bank just dropped interest rates again…and off course the banks passed that on to their customers…NOT!
    Oh well, just have to keep saving my pennies so I can get an acre out bush somewhere and just drop out of ‘their’ Luicifering, and just trade and barter with my neighbors 🙂

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  2. this is incredible, you described so well the thoughts that many of us feel and think. When we lived in Maine for three years there was a weekend where it was a ‘barter’ weekend. You could pay cash, or you could barter for what you wanted, it was incredible… I think a bartering system should come back… Well said! ❤

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    1. Thank you, DAF. That sounds like a great experiment in alternative trading. Maybe we’d reduce waste with a barter system. ‘One man’s trash is another’s treasure’! I’m not great at the haggle, right enough. :/

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      1. I’m not good at haggling either, but my husband is the king of it! And he does it so effortlessly, it’s like people are doing him a favor. He just smiles. He once got tires discounted from a major department store here. I just stood and watched amazed. He doesn’t do it all the time, but, if something is priced too high, he will do his best to get a discount from it.

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      2. My brother-in-law is like that. Gets discounts on everything. But, then again, it’s kind of in the nature of his job so he’s used to it. I just get embarrassed and would end up paying full price or just walking away. :/

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