Legging It

I’m not pregnant

I’ll never be again (just so’s you know)

Then why’s my belly so distended

(Like I’m three months gone

And my secret’s starting, now, to show)


It could be constipation

But I don’t think that’s it

If you’re at your dinner, please excuse,

For the first thing that I did, on returning home from work,

Was to take my kindle for a sit


It might be all the Revels that I ate last night

Why, oh why, I did, I do not know

Except perhaps for comfort

(That all chocolate brings)

We women ( and some men) know this is so


It could be from the BLT that I ate for lunch

Sitting in my gut and festering

Wondering why I did

(When I did not enjoy)

Exponential indigestion and thinking


It could be from the second glass of wine consumed

Unused, this while back, to tasting grape

Gurgling in my gut, with too little food,

Objecting, as tums do

And going ape


I’m thinking that it could be from the seven weans

Who’ve stretched my belly out of sync

And, as soon as I relax,

It all goes to pot

No wonder mums and dads need stronger drink


I’m tempted to suggest that I’ve been too lax

In yoga exercises and the rest

Delaying till tomorrow (what needs done today)

Of all excuses,

This one sounds the best


My tablet’s resting on a little mound

(It’s handy and I think I’m doing well)

Slurping on the red stuff

(With too little food)

Relaxing while my tummy grows and swells


Maybe I am windy, (hadn’t thought of that)

It’s never on my mind (swear on my heart)

Maybe if I squeeze

(And groan a little bit)

I’ll get a flatter tummy and new start


I’m not troubled by the swelling

(Well, maybe just a bit)

It’s awkward, as hell, in too-tight jeans

Bugger all the effort, (I paused to hunt them out)

I understand why people wear leggings


The comfort that they bring (never mind the bulge)

Explodes the myth of uncool (all that guff)

It’s either that or jammies

(And it’s way too early)

And too many folk here to go in the buff


I’m tranquil in my leggings with my pregnant pause

(Revels are waiting in the drawer)

The working week is over

(Thank god for it)

Why would any working woman want more


Yoga on the morrow

(With my fingers crossed)

(It’s not my fault, she cancelled every class)

Not worried ’bout the belly (I can cope with that)

But don’t get me started on my arse!

20 thoughts on “Legging It”

  1. As insular (and why the bloody well not go insular!) musings upon the human condition go, this is rather special…I feel a stage play, or at least a TV could be born of this…you nailed it young lady!

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  2. Loved it momus…the battle of the bulge…it is an age thing.
    Oh, and the fact that we begin to re-act to many things because our immune system has begun the wobble in our dotage. Where before it wasn’t noticed.
    I now have to go gluten free, lactose free, sulphur (preservative 220) free…and through no wish of my own….woman free 😀
    But the last I am most certainly not allergic to…I hope 😀

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      1. I’m not kidding momus, as we age we begin to react to many things. And YES…..chocolate!
        I now get indigestion every time I sneek a piece. On top of having to give up my wine, I sat on a high cliff for a long time 🙂 Life without those two, I may as well stop breathing and be done with it 😀
        Go to a Naturopath or some one who does all those allergy tests, you will be surprised at what things affect us. But the good bit (sometimes), is that you find the culprit, remove it, and life becomes sooooo much better without that constant bloated, uncomfortable feeling all the time.
        May your chocolate always love you 😀


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