Vague world she lives within, and outwith, distance

Abstraction’s silhouette is lost to all

In body, mind and soul, without existence

Suspending rumoured life with no recoil

Her vantage is exterior, objective

Surveyor, with a click, her irised eyes

Scan in black and white, a negative

Unequalled glimpses caught devoid of lies

Approval pending passionless perusal

Time, motionless, postponed, at strange command

Impassively, she views without arousal

No finger lifted by immobile hands

She’s frigid in a zone bereft of features

Motility awaits what other thinks

Canopied reflection while viewed creature

Intuits fate, her future indistinct

Her patience ponders choices until certain

A settled will determines when she moves

Eternal present fleeting while one person

Verifies inaction and approves