A Different Table

sitting at the same table

watching while

food disappears from my plate

a recognised

invisible hand

reaching across my shoulder

another from beneath a tablecloth

patterned in red white and blue

feeling the hunger

but waiting for decency and manners

to acknowledge that what is served



by me

I have a right to

realising, eventually, that

the currs will feed first

be favoured

that, in that dining room


kitchen staff


are by the by

ignorance is indifferent

much flaunted manners

a learned behaviour

that breeding will out

the pilfered silverware laughs as it clatters

among the nonsensical chatter

lives brokered and bartered

leaded receptacles fall


and death becomes invited


its toll growing

while the same knowing hand

sprawls messages


and obviously

that counter truth

my table

my plate

my food

stolen from me

while calling me


and thief

the parasite

peddling lies

breeding disharmony

and hate


Waited too long

We leave that table

We leave those plates

We leave the inhospitable

We leave

In our kitchen

We have all the ingredients we need

To make a new meal

A better meal

To season it

According to our tastes

We serve it

Share it

Sit at a different table

A round tablecloth of multi-hued



Consumes fairly

Mutualism moreso

We need

A different table


To continue the analogy, I am currently consumed by politics and news. Scunnered by it, to be honest. Like I’ve eaten too much and want to barf. The taste of what is being served inter/nationally and globally has me retching. And I know I’m not alone in this. Between school work, family, writing and following politics and news like a demented disciple, I’m not on WordPress at all at the moment. I even thought to delete my account, thinking ‘what’s the point?’ but I can’t quite bring myself to do that. There’s too much of myself here.  Forgive me please for not visiting. I’m sure the urge will return. Until it does, may I offer you all my warmest wishes and blessings and hope that everyone is doing what they can to change the menu.x 


15 thoughts on “A Different Table”

  1. turmoil and despair abound here in the USA – so I understand – and I beg you dear Anne-Marie please keep your blog account open – even without your words it will be a small light in the window of an otherwise dark house – a beacon by which decency and democracy can eventually find their way back home

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    1. Aw, thank you, Paul. That brought a tear to my eye. I won’t close my blog. I’d probably lose all my work that way and I know I’ll be back. I just can’t leave my kids’ future in the hands of a government I don’t trust. I’m following US politics too and noticing a lot of similarities in the prevailing mood. It scares me how far and fast we’re sinking. Prayers for your country, mine and all those who need them. Take care.x

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