The Bigger Picture

plate glass closes tightly, thickly frosted

screened with lacework, curtained, floor to sky

scenes we’ve known diminished, still reducing

shrinking into rooms, to let them lie


the scenery is panelled, framed and stillborn, stale the air 

through windows draped in layers and layered again

wedged tightly shut, a febrile, formed protection

muted from all colour, from all pain


the bigger picture’s framed by heavy woodwork

wrought iron, trellises, most intricate

but it calls across the lands, traverses oceans

recognize again, perceive my work


the faintest breeze, a stirring spiral, reaches

downwards, into rooms, through chimneys climbed

a twitching, eager nose and then one finger

responsive to the urge to know again


repossession reaches, that one finger

then two, then three, then four, then many more

the barricades, torn down, from every window

a tempting glimpse of what may be in store


the sliding doors grow wider, wider, wider

a gush and rush of air that surges, calls

come and look, have sight once more, remember

as once you were before entrapment by these walls


the bigger picture holds aloft a mirror

questions what is seen and what is not

validates existence by reflection

refuses to believe all she is taught


the bigger picture’s green and blue horizons

clarified, the seascapes, mountains, open fields

panoramas, visions, prospect, vistas

to veritas, the cloistered view must yield