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canstockphoto5811625At midnight, I woke up and checked the election results and began to cry. My first thought was about the conversation I’d have to have with my daughter in the morning. She stood by me as I proudly filled in the circles on my ballot. Like many of my friends and family, we were optimistic that the world might look different in the morning.

It does look different this morning. It looks like misogyny and racism and anti-intellectualism are now the colors that this country flies. How could it not look like that? Somebody’s drunk uncle just got elected president.

I got caught up in the news cycles, the Tweets, the demoralizing nature of these campaigns. My heart sank when I realized that what I had believed about my country was not true – that we were kinder, braver and smarter than we are.

It’s a wake up call. For…

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3 thoughts on “Fight Harder”

  1. And this is exactly what needed to happen momus. It is a wake up call from the apathy that has ensnared us all. We (most, not all), moaned as each decision, in all countries for that matter, that come down…but never did anything constructive to change that status quo. And now it is reaching a crisis point, for real change to take place in reaction to what has now happened.
    And the part that has me worried is… are our reactions to what has happened, not following the very thing that both protagonists showed us all…a very personal attack of each other in their actions, instead of what they can do for their country. By showing (as leaders), that it is ok to get personal and have no contention in doing so, has given a subtle permission for others to do the same.
    There is only one thing that I am afraid of at this point, these circumstances tend to breed revolution, as in a very bad reaction to policies that really get everyone offside, and in that it can get nasty.
    But, alas, that is what change is, that finally crawling from the hole we find ourselves in, to coming towards the light at the end of a very long tunnel, and realising we are worth fighting for.
    I just hope it is a communion of hearts rather than swords, that we have learnt from many, many years of fighting wars that it in the end, it changes nothing, only adds to the fears of the victor (reprisals), and the defeated (anger).

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    1. I can understand, Mark, the disillusionment many people, all over, feel with political systems that seem to perpetuate the same problems rather than solve any. Even adding to them. Voting for the status quo would be like endorsing where dissatisfaction lies. If we’re comfortable with the status quo we would tend to support it. If benefit lies there for us, or for what we deem the greater good, we would go along with it.
      Obviously, in the US as well as here and in other parts of the world, the status quo no longer serves. And neither, unfortunately, do the parties offered as alternatives.
      I’m looking at the US and thinking of here where, for the most part, choice lay between two main parties, neither of which really made a great deal of difference when given the chance.
      People are looking for alternatives. In many ways, that is exactly what the ongoing fight for Scottish independence is about. We don’t trust Westminster to do for us what we believe we could do better for ourselves. Our values and our directions have diverged. It is no accident that the two parties, previously considered to be the only choices, now bleed votes to SNP with the Green party also growing. And the result among those seeking independence, more civic and political engagement.
      And, in other parts of the UK, many people looking for an alternative to Tory or Labour, turning to UKIP, seeing in them something they perceive to be missing from the mainstream
      My worry is that the brand of rhetoric used by UKIP and Trump is one which feeds into a sense of nationalism that blames other people rather than government policies and choices made for short term goals. The long term, bigger picture is ignored. Countries run into the ground. And for what? The good of some at the detriment of others?
      While I do think that more openness and honesty from our politicians would be an excellent thing it would help if their words were based on facts rather than fearmongering.
      We all know, from experience, that what is said in political campaigning and what ultimately happens are two separate things. The lies flow easily, voters bought with empty promises. Manipulation, motivated by self-interest rather than the good of the populace/country/world.
      Part of me is not surprised at the Trump vote, given the disillusionment felt by so many for so long. What is sad is that he was the alternative. Him! I just can’t think of what he is capable of, given all he has said and done. That was the alternative?
      The political system does need a shake-up and a more engaged electorate is a positive. But, with the evidence available here, there and everywhere, it becomes more important than ever that we are served by a non-partisan media (NOT the Rupert Murdochs of this world) and perhaps it’s time politicians were held in contempt of their entrusted position when they deceive.
      I agree with you, and the author of this post, that when we are challenged we have the choice to lie down and take it or to fight harder and do something. To make a difference. We are Awakening. (Title of my book btw!) And that is an excellent thing.

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      1. Well written momus, and in a greater depth than I gave, thank you.
        It does feel like a rock and a hard place when the choices are so detrimental to us all, and I think that is the reason, as you said, that everyone is reaching out to the fringes to get some change…any change, from the perpetual greed that our leaders follow within themselves and the pressure from behind the scenes.
        We do feel lost, and in truth, there doesn’t seem to be a path to get out of the trench we seem to be in.
        But I do see a bit of light. We are voicing ourselves much stronger, especially from signed protests etc, applying pressure back from us, from the communities that is supposed to be the beneficiary of said decisions.
        And then I began to see many moves by business to restrict the internet, and as you said, while ever the media, in all its forms are restricted or corrupted by those in power, we just become the puppets as we are manipulated to what they want.
        On that particular point I will fight tooth and nail for that internet freedom, for once its freedom is lost, so are we. It is the last place you can feel some truth. Yes, there is much that is not truth on there, but at least you have the freedom and privilege to obtain that truth, not have half truths forced on you unaware.

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