In the halls of bronzen busts and statuettes
There are dancers who tramp gravely on regrets
Swaying to the tempo in the temples where they pray
Devious doyens with feet of clay

As the music swells and lulls, they rise and fall
Portraits gaze upon them from white walls
Eyes that follow rhythm, follow faces, follow feet
Ancestry frowning, rap to reaper’s beat

By hallowed rights the movers call the tune
Their flaccid faces waxened in new moon
Semblant life processes in their neverending goal
Funereal and corpsed by lack of soul

Solemnity, a heresy, their choir
Raise relics in a circle of hell’s fire
Guising fit for governance, their croaks fill with alarm
Betrayal to the oath, first, do no harm

Primum non nocere, or alternatively, do good
Ignored by sisters, brothers of the hood
Fatal flaws endanger but the dancers they dance on
Necrosis fasciitis, blackened norm

Clouds descend upon the wailing moon
Inside, a cloud of skulls, traverse the room
Walkers in the shadows as they try to time their feet
Delight in dance, arrhythmic of heartbeat

Incision, non-inclusion, scalpels drawn, the tables wait
Unwilling patients strapped in jackets strait
Operations pending, anaesthetics unapproved
Quacks gather, surgeons claim it’s for your good

Masked faces, reddened eyes, a lust for blood, organic fare
The music stops, grim reapers everywhere
Dancing turns to marching while the portraits nod, approve
Do not complain, do nothing, do not move

They skid across bled floor to open doors
Fleshed out by sacrifices, they need more
Out of halls theatric where they need not wait again
Charlatans intent on causing pain

Back inside theatre, smiling faces on the walls
Come to life, descend, slurp up fresh gore and drink new gall
Sun shines through the doorway but they’ll rest where darkness plays
Practising new score for different days

In the halls of bronzen busts and statuettes
Unliving, yet undead, thrive on forget
Swaying to the tempo in theatre where we died
Cancers, with approval, hands untied

10 thoughts on “Theatre”

  1. Yep, that’s the political acting on our stages inside parliament momus…sums it up nicely 😀
    Or the very soul of expressing from the true beauty of theatre, portraying at will the emotions of man 😀
    Either way, a great piece momus. The magic you create always leaves my mind in wonder at your ability to form great stories with words…but not any word…ones with a world within themselves.
    Thank you for sharing, enlightening and enlivening my world 😀

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    1. Thank you muchly, Mark! 🙂 It’s more of a song really. Think Edith Piaf or Marlene Dietrich. Started singing the first few lines in the car yesterday, slept on it and hey presto, a little world envisaged that happens to be how I’m feeling about our less than illustrious ‘leaders’. 😉

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      1. The one thing that bounced out at me was the word ‘acting’…and as you say, sums up the political scene nicely…no truth in it, a sham, and an ego driven performance to attain acceptance 😀

        P.S. My hugest apologies to the true art of acting and the actors of this world…your gift is done with the heart…something politicians lack 😦


  2. ‘All the world’s a stage…’ sadly the down trodden majority are no longer even players. This is excellently put, Anne-Marie. I wonder if there will ever come a time when truth and honesty prevail. I’m not holding my breath. For me perhaps the most disturbing thing is that those wielding the power seem to actually believe that they are behaving in the national good. Let’s not go further down that road though! The weekend is nearly upon us!

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