Dinnae Fear The Reaper

Dinnae fear the reaper fur he comes to claim us aw

Insteid be watchin’ oot fur aw his pals

Folk that bend the bedsprings tae deliver rancid laws

Sleekit basturts plyin’ poverty, their cause

Dinnae fear the furriners, the enemy’s within

Malicious ae intent an’ rank deceit

Peddlers ae false prophecies, by diff’rent name, well kent

An’ aw wur human rights ur nigh oan spent

Dinnae jist ignore the news fae biased media

The Daily Heil an’ aw assorted rags

Gie evidence that challenges their version ae the truth

Boycott the advertisers, facilitators ae uncouth

Dinnae fret the sickle that threshed oot 2’16

When yer tea is oot it’s oot an’ that’s a fact

Insteid be giein’ comfort an’ support tae aw who need

An’ mibbe keep wur eyes oan selfish greed

Dinnae travel backwards thru’ pink-tinted specs that lie

Halycon, aye tainted, when it’s spied

Present circumstances an’ the future ae man clan

In ’17, c’moan, let’s dae the best we can

Dinnae dae resolvin’ if it’s only fur yersel’

Yer doomed tae fail, ah know, ah’ve done it tae

Plan a bit mair simple, fight the good fight fur wur race

An’ sock the reaper’s helpers in the face

Dinnae fear the reaper, tho’ his games an’ choices suck

Play inventit as he gangs alang

It’s the temperamental, bogus, twistit cheats that love his name

That really dish oot grief wi’ wars and pain

Noo, dinnae ye be fashing ‘boot the year that’s oan its wie

Doom an’ gloom, catastrophe, that ilk

There’s mair ae us than them an’, wi’ action, keep the heid

Enguard tae reaper’s helpers, wur no’ deid



Don’t fear the reaper for he comes to claim us all

Instead be watching out for all his friends

Folk who bend the bedsprings to deliver rancid laws

Sly bastards, plying poverty, their cause

Don’t fear the foreigners, the enemy’s within

Malicious of intent and rank deceit

Peddlers of false prophecies, by different name, well known

And all our human rights are nearly gone

Don’t just ignore the news from biased media

The Daily Heil and all assorted rags

Give evidence that challenges their version of the truth

Boycott the advertisers, facilitators of uncouth

Don’t fret the sickle that threshed out 2’16

When your time is up it’s up and that’s a fact

Instead be giving comfort and support to all who need

And maybe keep our eyes on selfish greed

Don’t travel backwards through pink-tinted specs that lie

Halcyon, always tainted, when it’s spied

Present circumstances and the future of mankind

In ’17, come on, let’s do the best we can

Don’t do resolving if it’s only for yourself

It’s doomed to fail, I know, I’ve done that too

Plan a bit simpler, fight the good fight for our race

And punch the reaper’s helpers in the face 

Don’t fear the reaper though his games and choices suck

Play invented as he goes along

It’s the temperamental, bogus, twisted cheats that love his name

That really dish out grief with wars and pain

Now, don’t be worrying about the year that’s on its way

Doom and gloom, catastrophe, that ilk

There’s more of us than them and, with action, keep the head

Enguard, to reaper’s helpers, we’re not dead

Jist The Wan Rid Threid

Fae wan minnit tae the next there’s no’ a pause

Jist the wan rid threid haudin’ it aw the gither

Same stream ae blood that gies us aw same cause

Ye cannae see it tae ye look an’ hope discover

Ancestry they cry it an’ it’s cairried in wur veins

A fine rid threid that lasts beyoand wur deid

Passed oan fae wan tae anither in aw wur weans

Gie time we aw wur mindet ‘boot that threid


Dysfunctional, discredited

Disappearing in disdain

Dissocial, sans mercy

Distributing your pain

Disgusting, distempered

Distanced from the mass

Disproportioned wealth and clout

Disconnected ruling class

Disordering disdainfully

Distorters of the news

Dissemblers disfiguring

Dismembering facts and truth

Dishonourable deceivers

Disrespected dynasty

Dissociative governance

Dismantling society

Discriminating shamelessly

Discovered wasted space

Disciples of self-serving

Dissed by own disgrace

Progressive Winds Of Change



troglodytes with paint pots

in caverns where they dwell

raking through old tunnelled rock

those backward ne’er-do-wells

reliving former glories

in the etchings daubed to prove

that progress is parietal

a wall that cannot move

denying wind through apertures

eyes squinting in the dark

ritualistic, prehistoric

resistant by their marks

but progress is inexorable

though hindered by the trolls

essence of enlightenment

offensive to mere moles

repudiating changes

misfortune ’twere it fact

but art that’s manifested light

has led counterattack

evolution’s history

brooks no backward glance

freed from caves, progressives

reject regressive stance

sarcophagal appetite

to the death of stone age script

buried in the rubble leave

benighted, ill-equipped

crude and savage legacy

the writing’s on the walls

some delay may be inevitable

but brutal stonework fades and falls

elemental, fundamental

primordial process

the winds of change sweep steadily

with turbulence, progress

More Than Morlocks




When soldiers, sects, societies march proudly to a beat
That drums and thrums on hatred uniform
And questioning’s diminished or dismissed right out of hand
We know we are a people misinformed



When banners are unfurled in lands that simply are not ours
For purposes kept closeted or quelled
And who is friend or foe is determined by the day
It’s evident that we are being shilled



When motives may be measured by the money or the power
Attainable if ethics are deemed dead
And who we trusted then can never be again
We know that, by the nose, we’re being led



When qualitative judgements disenfranchise or demean
And language used dismisses human rights
We’ve become the Morlocks in dysfunctional machine                   High time to set the future in our sights



When civilised communities turn from the baton waved
And muster to a tune that raises goals
We’ll know that we are free to be all that we can be
And maybe then we’ll salvage stolen souls



When this year reaches closure, we’re counting down the days
Recognising it has been a bitch blast
Might we all resolve to set our digits to fast forward
And let past ways stay firmly in the past



Love to you all and may you know justice, peace and happiness wherever you may be. Anne-Marie x

Getting Real News From Aleppo – Dr Ron Paul Interviews Vanessa Beeley for the Liberty Report

Lumen In Obscuris ll

The Wall Will Fall

20th December 2016

Ron Paul ~

“There is plenty of reporting about what is going on in Aleppo, but there are very few reporters. In today’s Liberty Report we are joined live from Syria by independent journalist and researcher Vanessa Beeley for some rare on-the-ground reporting.”

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Lumen In Obscuris


the camera never lies

they say

it does

a moment caught in time

to falsify

a frozen tear

an abject countenance

a corpse who lives

a screenshot here and there

an act

a frame

a reel that rolls

and turns the outside in

then turns again

a portion of a picture

pieced to fit

an edit here and there




this part

that bit

the camera bleeds

we weep

we cry

it pauses

it affects

and adds effects

to filter


it lies

we lie

an open aperture

convenient flash

a resumé of broken bulbs

a useless spark

granulated truth


too little light

too much still dark

mendacity that hides

the hidden depths



obscures to


the live

the motionless


to check

the memory

the bait

the camera never lies

we’re told it’s so


of course

it does

and this

we all

already know