‘The Great British Propaganda Machine’


3 thoughts on “‘The Great British Propaganda Machine’”

  1. The big media all around the world do this hand in hand with the powers that be to create ‘their’ world Anne Marie, since time began. Based on their greed I might add.
    We have always been puppets, simply because we act on their manipulation, because we don’t know any better…and a long way from what is in fact, the truth.
    But that truth is slowly showing through the cracks…and they are widening at an alarming rate, and those powers are beginning to worry, as they should.

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    1. The inconsistencies are certainly becoming more glaring, Mark. I heard Denzel Washington, the other day, giving an opinion on it to some reporters. Media desperate to be first rather than truthful. Independent journals/ists have a mammoth task on their hands to counter a corporate media stance. Feel like I’m living in Orwellian 1984. :/

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