Let us furnish many weapons

Let us finance proxy wars

Let us flummox all the public

And fling secrets in our drawers

Let us flatten lots of cities

Let us flout the humane laws

Let us fuck with all the foxes

And follow on our paws


Let us foment with each press release

Let us fix the main ideas

Let us fascinate and hypnotise

And fester with our peers

Let us furrow fields for oil and gas

Let us fund the realm of hell

Let us fire the ire of citizens

And find out if it will sell


Let us fixate on the markets

Let us ftse all the news

Let us fumigate who fulminate

And foster different views

Let us fibrillate their ventricles

Let us filtrate into hearts

Let us factor in resistance

And falsify new start


Let us falter in our duty

Let us fiddle each expense

Let us foddle faddle facts and stuff

And forget it won’t make sense

Let us foulify the other

Let us flesh out that dire plot

Let us fabricate the danger

And festoon the fetid rot


Let us fight them on the beaches

Let us fumble with those types

Let us flounce about like emperors

And fizz at human rights

Let us fartlek to the ribbon

Let us finally achieve

Let us finish what we started

And fulfil our self-belief


Let us fib and lie like children

Let us fob the plebs right off

Let us first declare the right of kings

And flirt as all fine toffs

Let us fawn upon the stages

Let us fill own semen banks

Let us flagellate the people

And forget that we are wanks


Fucked but never forgotten


24 thoughts on “F’d”

  1. You know – and I never thought I’d say this – I’m beginning to see the benefits of DNA modification. It may be the only way to eradicate the self-serving war-mongers who have usurped what humanity promised to be. Pass me the science kit please.

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    1. ‘…what humanity promised to be’. What a phrase so full of lost potential and hope. Perhaps if the political gene pool were wider. Then I think of Trump. Scratch that idea. Too much money motivation and perverse power in politics as it is.
      Perhaps drawing from community councils upwards? Then I think of some of the gene pool there. I’m at a loss, Chris, to know how to overturn systemic corruption of power. People keep thinking they’re voting for alternatives but look at the alternatives.
      There has to be a better way than that which exists for governance. More and more it seems that that potential you speak of is slapped down. What a wonderful world this could be if creativity flourished rather than destruction. Maybe our writers and artists should be the delegates with some pragmatic experts on side to mitigate the rainbows and unicorns!
      I’m going to focus on potential, Chris, what we can still ‘promise to be’. There are enough of us who want it so, I’m sure.

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      1. I couldn’t agree more, Anne-Marie. Like yourself I keep trying to be positive and believe that there will be some kind of revelation in which the populace will see what could be if government really was for the benefit of all. Perhaps it is time for us to abandon the ‘ quick-fix’ concept and cast our nets a little further than the nearest ‘pool’ which is clearly inhabited only be sharks. That said, do try to enjoy your holiday!

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