More Than Morlocks




When soldiers, sects, societies march proudly to a beat
That drums and thrums on hatred uniform
And questioning’s diminished or dismissed right out of hand
We know we are a people misinformed



When banners are unfurled in lands that simply are not ours
For purposes kept closeted or quelled
And who is friend or foe is determined by the day
It’s evident that we are being shilled



When motives may be measured by the money or the power
Attainable if ethics are deemed dead
And who we trusted then can never be again
We know that, by the nose, we’re being led



When qualitative judgements disenfranchise or demean
And language used dismisses human rights
We’ve become the Morlocks in dysfunctional machine                   High time to set the future in our sights



When civilised communities turn from the baton waved
And muster to a tune that raises goals
We’ll know that we are free to be all that we can be
And maybe then we’ll salvage stolen souls



When this year reaches closure, we’re counting down the days
Recognising it has been a bitch blast
Might we all resolve to set our digits to fast forward
And let past ways stay firmly in the past



Love to you all and may you know justice, peace and happiness wherever you may be. Anne-Marie x

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  1. Thank you beautiful lady, blessings received with the love that they were given. May your Christmas be a blessing and full of love for you and yours also. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😀 ❤

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