Progressive Winds Of Change



troglodytes with paint pots

in caverns where they dwell

raking through old tunnelled rock

those backward ne’er-do-wells

reliving former glories

in the etchings daubed to prove

that progress is parietal

a wall that cannot move

denying wind through apertures

eyes squinting in the dark

ritualistic, prehistoric

resistant by their marks

but progress is inexorable

though hindered by the trolls

essence of enlightenment

offensive to mere moles

repudiating changes

misfortune ’twere it fact

but art that’s manifested light

has led counterattack

evolution’s history

brooks no backward glance

freed from caves, progressives

reject regressive stance

sarcophagal appetite

to the death of stone age script

buried in the rubble leave

benighted, ill-equipped

crude and savage legacy

the writing’s on the walls

some delay may be inevitable

but brutal stonework fades and falls

elemental, fundamental

primordial process

the winds of change sweep steadily

with turbulence, progress