Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief



I’m here for my appointment, said the beggar to the thief

You robbed me blind and now I’d like some back

Oh, no, dear sir, you err, of course, I merely speculated

I lost I know and that’s the shameless fact

Then why are you still loaded while I am on the street

I thought I baled you out and now own you

Ahem, you know it’s complicated, not as clear as that

More like we were broken, you the glue

So let me get this clear, I have need to understand

I salvaged loss, in fact I saved your butt

No need to get shirty, lad, we’re all in this together

We made the mess, we’ll sort it but it’s going to hurt

I’m struggling here to get you, can’t we plainly speak

You’re rich, I’m poor although I own your ass

Well that’s one way of seeing it but where’s your corporate soul

Some ache upon us all, the pain will pass

So where’s your ache exactly, your penury, your pain

How many hungry, homeless bankers do you know

We lost our independence! Our right to play roulette!

Pfft! Our bonuses are checked and par below!

I’m sorry sir, apologies, then how about a loan

I’ll pay you back with interest from my shares

Well that would be quite reasonable but you’re too much of a risk

The exit to the queue is over there

You’re dissing me? You rascal! You rogue! You scallywag!

A thief you are, no honour in your tribe

Security! Begone with him, this customer’s quite mad!

I’ve work to do and stolen swag to hide…..

 robber-wearing-suit-carrying-money_63354346 (source)

…Ah, the pains of being a robber with the governments on side

The chores, the laundry, tasks we must surmount

The little folks don’t understand the daily grind endured

Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Incoming! Let me at it! Dosh to count!

‘Don’t cry…my brothers

Don’t cry…my sisters….

Don’t cry….don’t cry…

Don’t cry….don’t cry

These tears won’t change the situation’