Power Of Placebo



satin clad placebos shall slide easily

designated pleasing for the lord

they shall slip on tongue, deliver what is wanting

cure disturbance easier than the sword

they shall purvey hope to order with avowals

incantations swallowed with coarse grain

they shall serve a purpose better than the real thing

an artefact as powerful as pain

numbered they shall be with hidden figures

a muscular massage around the spine

though truth will hurt and heal, it’s not forgotten

effect of silken words assures all’s fine

forever they shall be within the black bag

doled with ease, appeasing, fears allay

shall there be a cure for feigned sincerity

a poisoned pill they use to have their way

Tribune On The Wind

He visits all gables and rooftops

Into eaves and crannies he peers

Howls distress in his shudders

Wandering wind, sighing seer

He carries, while travelling, directions

What he’s seen, what he knows, what he’s heard

Disseminates news from his journeys

Journals with nary a word

He speaks in a language of knowing

Sailing seas, over mountains, through glens

Alone, through deserted plains, cities

Sharing the stories of men

He speaks in wild wails and soft soughing

How he aches with his burdens and groans

Measures his timbre and tempo

In restlessness, rages and moans

All of nature believe what he brings them

Stationary sentinels await his return

Correspondence, fact-checked, his findings

All access reportage for one

He’s been to restricted quarters

To the seats of all governance

To the palaces, shacks, huts and hovels

He’s been to them all more than once

He’s spied and he’s sighed at what seen there

He lifts it all, transports it forth

Daily news, incoming, in whistles

Tribune East, South, West and North