Tribune On The Wind

He visits all gables and rooftops

Into eaves and crannies he peers

Howls distress in his shudders

Wandering wind, sighing seer

He carries, while travelling, directions

What he’s seen, what he knows, what he’s heard

Disseminates news from his journeys

Journals with nary a word

He speaks in a language of knowing

Sailing seas, over mountains, through glens

Alone, through deserted plains, cities

Sharing the stories of men

He speaks in wild wails and soft soughing

How he aches with his burdens and groans

Measures his timbre and tempo

In restlessness, rages and moans

All of nature believe what he brings them

Stationary sentinels await his return

Correspondence, fact-checked, his findings

All access reportage for one

He’s been to restricted quarters

To the seats of all governance

To the palaces, shacks, huts and hovels

He’s been to them all more than once

He’s spied and he’s sighed at what seen there

He lifts it all, transports it forth

Daily news, incoming, in whistles

Tribune East, South, West and North

12 thoughts on “Tribune On The Wind”

  1. Beautifully written momus. The poor thing has most certainly been wailing, and why not, having to suffer every nook and cranny of our world would be enough to send any one howling away in fright. And what it must know…after listening to all those whispers in our hearts 😀

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