Fear Tactics



Cross my palm with silver

for your fortune

Greased, the way is smoother

cleared of stones

A jingle from your pocket

to my fingers

Envision what you’ll know

when I am done

I’ll tell you where you’ve been

and where you’re going

Who you’ve known

and who you’ve yet to greet

I’ll promise you fair future

for your dollar

And, if single, of a partner

you may meet

I’ll tell you of your children

and their sexes

Your ideal job

or if you have to earn

Some shillings in my hand

and for your largesse

You’ll be glad to know

what you need to learn

Some pennies then, for pegs

or crafted treasures

Four-leafed clover

picked just fresh today

Cross me not

the odds are in my favour

A dime or two

and I’ll be on my way

A hex upon your household

thus avoided

I mean no harm

my gift of guessing right

Offered as a trade

for joint survival

May heaven bless all yours

and your foresight