Planned Obsolescence

You’re sick, you’re old, you’re vulnerable

We’re questioning your worth

Your contribution’s negligible

And has been since your birth


You’re young, useless, culpable

Your prospects nullified

We’ve weighed you up, unapprovable

Reduced spending’s justified


You’re unemployed, uncoachable

You’re lazy, mental, broke

We dole it out, you spend it all

On drink and fags and dope


We care, of course, we’re honourable

Our policies humane

All of them enforceable

Lessons sanctioned by champagne


We’re wealthy, placed and personable

You’re excess baggage, weight

We’re necessary, you are not

A drain on social state


We’ve worked it out, forecastable

We only need enough

To function, you’re expendable

The breaks, we know, are tough


The rabble are forfeitable

Population needs decreased

We’ve cast our charts, all graphable

You’re due to be deceased


We spout, believe you’re gullible

We coat facts with our gloss

Your presence here untenable

Quite frankly, you’re no loss


Don’t think that we are horrible

We’re really not, you know

We have to be responsible

And you have got to go


We’ve pruned the tree, it’s laughable

You used to own the lot

But things change hands, all leachable

Either got it or you’ve not


We’re afraid it’s unpreventable

We just can’t go on this way

You may say that life’s lamentable

But you don’t really have a say


So that’s it folks, regrettable

If you’re chosen, hop on board

It’s been, you know, all calculable

Order will be, soon, restored

Arguably the greatest institution of Britain is its National Health Service (NHS). How long before it joins this list? (See UK) What were once publicly owned, privatised.  An ongoing policy of dismantling. Neglect, claim insupportable, sell for a song, profit the few, failure to reinvest. Charge or divest. To the detriment of the infrastructure. Blame the populace. Social engineering a la government. This will be the ‘sharing society’ then?

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  1. We were JUST talking about this (as the Mayor considers privatising trash collection in my part of town). And the protest song? More evidence that we were separated at birth and continually on the same wavelength, A-M. Working on part two of mt 2017 Manifesto. Time for words to become action. xo

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  2. Today especially this speaks to me loudly! The rules of the race just changed forever with the passing of the baton to one who has NEVER been a team player from one who usually has. Sad and scary.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


      1. I had to watch. It’s part of history in the making. But, I couldn’t help compare, as I’m sure many did, the differences in style of early administration and communication. To say it was lacking understates the case.

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      2. Indeed! And the difference in the number of supporters, according to the papers, was astounding. Not many celebs, either, compared to the last one.

        He will not be a popular president unless he changes his tune RADICALLY. As the Brits say, “Not bloody likely.” Sadly.

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      3. I’m less concerned with the difference in numbers than in the press conference/s where Trump and Spicer rewrote the facts and basically threatened the media. Bad as some are, the ability and freedom to report (accurately) must not be curtailed. Strangely, (or perhaps not), there is more balanced reporting on Brexit coming out of USA than from the press here. 1984 and then some.

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      4. Check the web. Trumpet has *already* had pages supporting more than a few “protect” civil rights actions removed (govt. sites)

        Hopefully, balanced reporting on the nonsense in the USA will come from across the pond as well.

        1984 indeed! God bless the internet.


      5. I checked out the page on Inauguration day, after someone on Twitter said that the LGBT page had disappeared. I then understood, from others, that basically the site, under Obama, had been archived and the gov site wiped clean for a ‘fresh start’. Don’t know if that’s usual but then I went back again, after reading a blog post on WP about what had since gone up. Frankly, I was shocked that the tone and content were so much in keeping with the campaign. Don’t know why I was shocked, really, given the nature of the man and his cohort but still surprising to see his potential policies actually written there. I haven’t been back in since to see if it’s been updated again. Almost afraid to. But I will. Better knowing as not.


      1. I believe so as well. Yet I am surprised by how many bloggers I have run across who are content to “wait and see” and “give him a chance.”

        To my mind it’s like waiting to see if a menacing dog is going to bite. Duh!

        I’m all for taking a bit of ACTION to preempt! (doesn’t mean we have to be violent, however, which may be what the “waiters” are afraid of)

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      2. I abhor violence but action, of every other conceivable kind, is a must. ‘Wait and see’ rights eroded? ‘Wait and see’ till it’s too late to reverse the damage? ‘Wait and see’ if it hurts me first? That’s apathetic and selfish. Part of the problem, all over, is how little engagement people have had in politics. This is a wake-up call. I wouldn’t turn off the alarm without rising.

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