Cumulative Snowflakes

Shall strength be found in most fragile of flakes

That melt before the heat of angry rays

Disappear, dissolve, in fierce seas and lakes

Can one alone halt traffic on highways


Can that delicate drop precipitate

A fall of snow that fills the chasm’s void

Though uniquely formed it has no great weight

Singularly, too easily destroyed


Crystallised cohesion in pearlised chains

Strengthened beauty around the nuclei

Forging links, formed from irritating grains

Precious snowflakes blind disbelieving eyes


On collision course with an avalanche!

Accumulated pressure shall advance!



14 thoughts on “Cumulative Snowflakes”

  1. For such an tiny presence, it is very soft, gentle and a beauty to behold momus. But like anything else in a group, it can become dangerous 😀
    Well written my friend, may your snowflakes be the gentle kind 😀

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    1. Getting a teeny-weeny wee bit scunnered by Brexiteers and Trumpeteers thinking that anyone of the liberal-leftie-leaning variety is a ‘snowflake’. Just reminding myself, and anyone else, what many snowflakes can do together. And this snowflake refuses to be turned yellow. Let it snow! 😉

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  2. How on earth did I miss this last evening! Silky smooth poem with a sting of proper satire. Sadly these are not the times we compassionate ones are tolerated by the ‘others’…those ‘others’ still tempted to kick the ball into the net long after the ref has blown the whistle…more points, more point scoring is all they seem to seek. A divided nation, impossible to unify, ignorant of the lessons of history. If Hitler were alive today he’d be in his element.

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