Fighting For



Why are you fighting, why do you foam

What are you fighting for

Why petted pout and tetchy tantrum

The slamming of all open doors

Has someone pained you with their lying

Stolen your toys or treats

Why crocodile tears, the threat of more crying

The stamping of petulant feet

Who has affronted, who has offended

Sensibilities, pride or your dress

Or have you broken fences that cannot be mended

Grow up now and own up, confess

Have you hurt your friends, insulted their name

Been a bully, a braggart, a pest

Are you really culprit and won’t take the blame

Have you really tried what is best

Why are you fighting, what is your cause

And who are you hurting the most

Where common sense in all that is lost

Your brain in meaningless boasts

Time to reflect on the nature and meaning

Why no friends now come to your door

Why are you fighting, what are you fighting

Just who are you fighting for

14 thoughts on “Fighting For”

    1. Definitely, Paul. I teach seven year olds who have more common sense and self-awareness. Mind boggling arrogance. Just listening to BoJo add flames to the fire. Beam me up.


    1. Thanks, Mike, I thought you would. I’d offer May and her crew a good skelp on the arse but I’m afraid it might be enjoyed, given the masochistic undertones. Then again, how much will they be hurt by what is proposed? Sadists, more like.

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      1. I’m definitely for the latter, as you know, Mike and don’t relish the damage ahead. The damage limitation bus, though, has passed the terminus along with that other one promised. Like the child up yonder ^^^ it’s May’s way or no way by the sounds of things. I’ve got my jacket on.

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      2. It may sound outlandish, yet Scotland may be the key not just in finding its destiny, but also in holding Europe together and, by default in many aspects, keeping the lessons of history alive and well in what was once, and always had been a war torn landmass!

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  1. Adults who act like children upset me much more than children being such temper tantrum throwers! 🙂 I started as a middle school teacher of 12 year olds but ended as a special needs preschool teacher. I joked and told friends, “If someone is going to stomp their feet and swear at me, I prefer it to be a 3 to 5 year old!” 😀

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