Cry, enemy within, if walls seen crumbling

Cry, hostile, lest the barricades be breached

Cry, sacrifice and torture, for protection

Cry vitriol and vengeance, cry hate speech

Cry wolf to sheep predestined for the slaughter  

Cry to shepherds’ lying and neglect

Cry for brothers, sisters, sons and daughters

Cry for solidarity, respect

Cry to moon and howl against eclipsing

Cry to sun’s regenerating light

Cry, no tears, grieve not, but keep on fighting

Cry for dawn to birth upon the night

Cry future, cry survival, cry salvation

Cry, engage the strength, assuage the fears

Cry, defy all bullied domination

Cry, resist and use all useless tears

Cry, beloved countries, for your freedom

Cry for liberty, lampooned or slain

Cry not for kingdom, empire or dominion

Cry, rather, for all children, in their name