Routes To Nowhere

Never got his kicks

On Route 66

By the time he found the will the way was gone

Met his highs with different load

Than freedom trail on Mother Road

Find your kicks, son, where you must belong


Never climbed the highest towers

Never ate on different shores

Routes to nowhere lead to nowhere fast

Charts and plans have had their day

The borders closed till come when may

Get your kicks, kids, some of them won’t last


Never took her hoped-for trips

Slip between the cup and lips

By the time she found the way the walls were done

Met her match in alleyways

Same old route on different days

Find your kicks, doll, where you don’t belong


Never sailed the oceans wide

Never saw beyond inside

Sixty-six and seven seas bone dry

Dust and ashes far and near

Scattered lives shed lost chance tears

Get your kicks, kids, most of them will die

That Something

A wee bit of a song going on here. It’s the driving home late from work effect, humming away at nothing till words come along to join in.

You gave me angels, I gave you devils

You gave me magic, I gave you spells

You gave me something I have no name for

And the truth is you do it very well.


You gave me fortune, I gave you bad luck

You gave me future, I gave you past

You gave me something I could not fathom

And the truth is it could not last


You gave me freedom, I gave you sentence

You gave me wildly, I gave you tame

You gave me something to remember

And the truth is I can’t forget your name


You gave me insights, I gave you hidden

You gave me friendship, I gave you fears

You gave me something that makes me wonder

And the truth is I’m sorry for those years


You gave excuses, I gave you guilt trips

You gave forgiveness all the same

You gave me something I’ll always treasure

And the truth is I’d do it all again


You gave me pleasure, you gave me purpose

You gave me reason, you gave me zest

You gave me something that was so special

And the truth is you gave to me your best


You gave me feelings I’d only dreamed of

You gave me open, I gave you lies

You gave me something I’ll always live for

And the truth is I’ll love you till I die


You gave me something that now I long for

And the truth is I’ll need that something till I die

Positively P****d Off

Be positive, they said

For life demands it

The polar opposite

Will crush your soul

Diminish hope

And drain your life of meaning

Well, who was I to disbelieve that goal


So positive, I said

Shall be my watchword

I’ll guard against the negative, resist

Persist in seeing what is good in others

Then look again

In case I somehow missed


The hearts that don’t know love

For life is woeful

The lonely who are begging for a friend

The shy ones and the brash

The dour and doleful

Positive would be my aim and end


But now, I’m positive

The world is full of arseholes

I’m positive they’re breeding as we speak

Passing on genetic disposition

To talk from anal crevices

That seek


To undermine the hope

And good that’s out there

To fight for fighting’s sake for that’s their thing

To ridicule what’s different

Like they’re perfect

I’m positive they’re called the alt-right wing


They’re negative with minus in their favour

I’m positive they’ve lost the plot

What’s more

I’m positive that, unless we kick their arses

They’ll be running round

And knocking on our doors



That we all believe in one thing

That liberty and freedom are passé

Spreading hate

And whipping up a frenzy

I’m positive I don’t want to live that way


Be positive, they said

For life demands it

Potential opens up and life has cause

I listened then

I still believe it

And I’m positive they need a good kick in the baws

For You

If we could all love thus…

Poesy plus Polemics

danc Photo from

if I could but dance

I’d lead you through waltzes round rays of the sun

and speed you through polkas, mazurkas on end

if I could but jump

I’d pluck the bright stars to adorn your fair hair

and tuck the moon tenderly into your lap

if I could but run

I’d race the fleet winds across mountains and glens

and chase down each songbird for your serenade

if I could but walk

I’d stroll with your hand in mine up country lanes

cajole the world’s blossoms to sweeten our way

if I could but stand

I’d fold you in close like I did when we met

and hold tight forever your heart against mine

(originally posted April 2013)

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The Art Of The Screw

I’ll be the church you really want when praying in your pew

I’ll bless the ones that worship me and recognise my due

I’ll promise paradise for those who beat out my tattoo

I’ll guarantee your just reward if my faith you will pursue


You’ll be the brave apostles of a world I’ll build anew

You’ll see that I am saviour though I know not of virtue

You’ll chant and follow where I go, just thoughts you will subdue

You’ll have license, I’ll provide, to be the worst of you


I’ll entertain your idol dreams with yarns I’ll spin for you

I’ll make you see what I can see with lies you think are true

I’ll make you question common sense and all that you once knew

I’ll do it all to camouflage I haven’t got a clue


You’ll beg for muck that I’ll provide and even form a queue

You’ll slurp up shit and spout it forth denying that it’s poo

You’ll hear the things you want to hear that suit your point of view

You’ll swallow all my prophecies and stick to them like glue


We’ll build the walls you crave to build between the them and you

We’ll flout the laws of liberty, that statue we’ll eschew

We’ll scorch the constitution and write a new menu

We’ll offer racist bigotry, for supremacy argue

We’ll be the pride of furthest right, together we’ll count coup

You be mine and I’ll be yours until I’m done with you

I’ll be lord and you’ll be fucked, now writing

book-cover_liGhost Writer Required/Apply White House Trump Tower

I Need To Say This…

Donald Trump is an idiot.

Who constantly speaks in superlatives the way he does?

Who repeats almost every word and phrase as if talking to morons?

Who brags about themself the way he does?

Who justifies themself so much and contradicts themself so often?

Who lives in cloud cuckoo land and pretends it’s real?

If he’s not actually a two year old then he has to be an idiot.

America, for God’s sake, and ours, get a grip.

You have an idiot as a leader.

Or a two year old.

Neither of which is suitable to make decisions for a country.

I’m not being mean. Truly, I’m not.

I’ve taught for almost thirty years and I can honestly say, hand on heart, I’ve never come across the most backward child who couldn’t communicate more effectively. Even if it was only in pictures. Or they were mute and signed. They made more sense.

He’s on the TV – again – right now.


‘Wall….a great wall…negotiated by me just like I’ve negotiated ….”

‘Illegal immigrant violence…of which there are many…’

‘Bigly’? ‘Big league’? Who knows?

‘Many, many, many more…’

‘Decades and decades and decades…’

‘Never been a presidency like mine….’

You’re no’  kiddin’!

I just can’t.

How can you, America?

The man is an idiot.

Please get him checked out.

He’s talking shite. Every time he opens his mouth, he talks shite.

‘I called Mexico. It was a very confidential, very classified call.’

‘Flynn… was not very satisfactory to me…he didn’t tell the vice-president….then he didn’t remember….’ but I’ll defend him anyway.


No, not okay.

I read an article today from The New York Times that encapsulated perfectly the essence of Brexit Britain. An outside perspective that gets it when so many here are buying into the blinkered belief of a great and glorious empire once again striding across a global stage. And a parliament ineffectually doffing their caps to the notion that ‘it’ll all work out’.

It won’t.

They’re idiots.

They would be the biggest idiots if it weren’t for yer man.

Chief among them has to be Donald J. Dummkopf must have been coined for him.

I’m sorry. But it’s true.

Take it from an outsider looking in.

It’s like a plague. A tremendous plague! Huge!

On both our houses.

At least some of your papers are questioning idiocy. Ours, for the most part, are just going with the flow. La, la, la, can’t hear you. Not listening.


Can’t live with them.

Shouldn’t be governed by them.

‘The public don’t know if it’s true or not because they’re not involved….I’m involved….been involved with it all my life….Fox are honourable people…the hatred….the panel…the venom…(from yours)…At least, it doesn’t get good ratings…I’m having a good time…I’m just telling you (the press) you’re dishonest people….should I let him have a little more time?….sit down….here’s the thing…I know when I should get good and when I should get bad…the public doesn’t believe you people any more…if you were straight….CNN story after story is bad….

‘The leaks are real…the news is fake…’

Sorry. What?

This is your president.

I’m mortified for you.

Terrified for all of us.

Send him back to nursery. Give him back to Geppetto. Or whoever’s pulling his strings.

America deserves a real boy. We all do. Gender optional.

Dead Men Walking



Dead men walking ‘cross the screens and calling

For the power and the glory in their name

Wailing for a higher wall to poke their fingers in

While they raise all the stakes in the game

Dead men walking ‘cross the screens and calling

For a race where no winners cross the line

Demarcations drawn in chalk silhouettes

While substitutes wait impatiently their time

Dead men walking ‘cross the screens and calling

Waiting whistle for the final to kick off

Warming up trajectories with squinted eyes

Through the smoke of plotted molotov

Dead men walking ‘cross the screens and calling

Hammers raised in time with rhetoric

Dead men walking, commentating tournament

Rattling corpses digging up their dirty tricks

Dead men walking ‘cross the screens and calling

In sharp shrouded suits retarding self-igniting flames

Ghouls from the ghettoes of selected cemetries

Epitaph their blame and shame their names

Purer Love

Silver mist suspended still in space

Starlit canopy supporting grace

Curtained void where glimpsed a softer face

Revealing purer love

A million miles, a million years from here

Enlightened voices from a different sphere

Another world that understands all fears

Revealing purer love

I know we haven’t found a way there yet

We’re here where we belong

But if we seek beyond and don’t forget

We may sing a different song

I would travel there if I could fly

Ask every question, expect no lies

I would do all this before I die

Seeking purer love

The journey of a thousand nights ensues

The restless yearning in unspoken dreams  

The reaching for another world and view

Where dreams are always what they seem

I could live there out beyond the stars

A world away from where we are

A breath between what’s known so near, yet far

Revealing purer love

With apologies to Bob Dylan and Adele. This is what comes of not actually knowing the words of a song that’s stuck in your head, while driving, so just making your own up.

Angels Required – Apply If You Dare



Mayhem or monsters or weird creepy things

Fear angels with courage and bright, shiny wings

Who challenge all danger and vanquish the foes

Or turn on a light bulb to make the dark go

No shortage of ghouls that groan through the night

Nor dearth of big bullies that seek to cause fright

If angels are absent then what can you do

But grow a big pair and let them be you

No halos to speak of, no shimmering hair

Unused to flight travel when one needed where

Being a presence angelic would save

A supplicant’s heart who longs to be brave

A challenge before us when trouble ensues

Be monster or angel, a side you must choose

To be a bystander in the game that is played

Demons of dungeons will win, it is said

Imagine your wingspan, imagine your flight

Imagine the outcome if rules are played right

If angels are few in this realm of the dark

Where light merely flickers with barely a spark

A band of new angels need now must enlist

Intent and a signature all that is missed

Apply to the cosmos, apply to be one

Apply where one’s needed, it could be great fun

Intervention dynamic when folk need a hand

Can you be an angel who now makes that stand

No splendour, no bragging, but simple, serene

The dust of all starlight begotten, unseen

No payment, no kudos, but a swift spreading host

Being an angel where you’re needed most

Apply after thinking, apply when you’ve felt

That an absence of angels makes all hands worst dealt

Apply with all vigour, apply for defence

Go on now, you want to, you know it makes sense!

In a world of improbable, impossible knows

The quest for an army of angels now grows

Invisible, invincible, powerful pawns

Called into service to guide through till dawn

Essence of angel required today

Apply if you’re willing and do not delay

Posts are now filling but plenty to spare

Angels required, apply if you dare