An open Letter to the 498 MPs who voted for Article 50

What he says…with bells on!

The Great British Moronathon

Dear Morons,

So you’ve done it then. To show a small number of little-englander xenophobes that they should vote for you instead of UKIP, you’ve shot your own country and its population in the fucking face  (Note: they won’t vote for you anyway).  You’ve taken one look at the right wing press and a handful of crackpots threatening rioting in the streets, cacked your pants, and sold the people, your people, down the river.

Labour MPs (apart from the rather heroic 47 who put their conscience and country before their frankly nuts party), you’ve handed the most right-wing Conservative government ever a blank cheque to enact the most painful Brexit possible.  Of course, it won’t be you who suffer, but your constituents, so that’s okay, no? Is it perhaps that the bigger the shit-fest May makes of it, the more you think Labour can capitalise? Or is it because you…

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      1. The only decent Tory around. He drinks, smoke and loves his jazz. The best leader they never had. Were it not for his stance on Europe that gig would have been his and (notwithstanding his politics) our world would be a better place. Having said that, I’m not entirely sure of his stance regarding Scotland.

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