Contenders, Ready!

So, it’s one of thon Fridays. Not had one in ages. Months. Quiet night in. A wee hauf. Been right aff it this while back. Until last week’s Burns’ Supper. Found my feet again. Right at the bottom of my bed. Laptop on my lap, as it happens. So, that’s why, eh? Who’d have thunk of the most obvious? D’uhh!

Most obvious. There’s a thought.

A thought I keep thinking.

Keep thinking.


Think why.


Why would the Tories, the most self-serving party that ever disgraced these shores quite happily roll over to the loss of income on their doorstep for the potential – faintest potential, given all things – that hordes of non-Brits (it’s a thang, doncha know?) would come a-rushing to ‘do deals’.

‘Oh, do a deal with me, Mother Homeland! I be dying for you to look most favourably upon me agin. Deal me! Deal me!’

‘Get in line, meboy! There are queues – veritable queues, I say, to be gone through. Can’t just go a-rushing in and making deals willy-nilly.’

(‘Yes. We can. Shh! Hush, hush! Need to know basis.’)

‘Oh, jolly good! Hey there! You, old boy! What was that you were saying about ‘’do me’’? I might just have the job for you. What ho! Tally ho! Rule big momma! Big momma’s on the stage. Come ye, of lesser worth and seek our patronage!’


Yeah, that sort of scenario.

Now, either they’ve taken complete and utter leave of their senses which, by world reckoning, may be the case or….

…they’re up to no good.

Have you ever had good news that you just couldn’t keep to yourself?

You know the kind.

‘New job! Promotion! Go meee, go meee! Sort-ed!’

‘Just won a fortune on the lottery! Help me celebrate! Drinks are on me! Go meee! Go meee! Sort-ed!’

‘Found ancient Roman artefacts in my garden! Fuckin’ millions! Ace! Go meee! Go meee! Sort-ed!’

‘Cancer? That bastard? I’ve just found the cure! And it’s easy! Stop worrying! Go meee! Go meee! Sort-ed!’

Compare with.

‘Sit down. I have news.’

‘It’s like this….’

‘Don’t worry. I’ve got this in hand.’

Brexit? No probs. 12 point plan, I’ve got. Pretty pictures. Look….squirrel…Go me…. Go me….Sort of…..’


I ask you, when, when in the history of all that’s Tory did the Tories ever do anything, and I mean anything, that they had to if it wasn’t self-serving?

And that’s not just me that’s saying this. Oh no. History does. Go take a look. I’ll wait.


Find anything?


Something that says, ‘For the greater good this shall be done.’?


Neither have I.

So, why, exactly are they pointing a loaded pistol to their own heads – and ours – and stating, ‘I feel lucky.’

We punks aside, for that would be their definition of the lesser mortals that inhabit the lower stratosphere, why would they commit an act of such obvious self-sabotage?’

What’s in it for them?

What. Is. In. It. For. Them?

Now, I have theories.

Guess work. Based on shit and stuff.

‘That’s my shit. That’s their shite. This is my stuff. They can get stuffed.’

What’s in it for them?

Apart from votes that will fly with the wind once, you know, the actual negotiations take place.  If anyone left, in Britain, has the cahones they were born with.

‘What do you mean, ‘’No’’?

‘Do you know who I am?

I have friends in high places.

Special relationships.

I’m somebody.’


Yeah, coulda been a contender. But I sold my soul to the company’s goal.

My question?  Whose company?

And what’s their mission statement?

Cherchez la raison d’être.

It is not for nothing.

You can bet my hauf on it.

So, one of thon Fridays.

Am I bitter?


What goes around, comes around. Had it coming. Old boy.


I’ll be in training after tonight, you understand. #Contenders

10 thoughts on “Contenders, Ready!”

  1. There is ‘nothing in it’ for them save the cruel grasp of power for the next 20 years…Corbyn having destroyed true Labour in the meantime. Jolly good musings by the way. A disaster, as you predict has made threatening eye contact with the blind, knowing it can sneak under the darkness.

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    1. There’s always something in it for them. Whether that be holding on to power for the foreseeable future or knowing and not disclosing facts pertinent to our lives while being profitable for theirs. You couldn’t be up to the machinations. You’d have to have a mind like theirs to get to the bottom of their motives and who the hell would want that? It’s going to get messier, that’s for sure, while the disaster unfolds.

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      1. What you just said there took me back to the days of my old business…unravelling the methodology of the crime, then catching up with fraudsters who perpetrated said crime. My natural paranoia meant that most times I could think like ‘them’. Hence I defeated them. I think that blessed with such paranoia allows me to almost see how certain politicians commit self-interest deeds. Are you the same in that regard?

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      2. I don’t tend to think of myself as ‘para’, Mike but I am drawn to puzzles. I’ve just posted a response to another commenter on this post. That might explain where my thoughts have been travelling this while back. There’s too much in this puzzle that doesn’t make sense to me unless I look further afield. And I don’t like what I’m coming up with as a possible – probable? – answer. Glad to be corrected if you think I’m barking up the wrong tree. Or just barking. :/

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      3. Scotland could hold a lot of things ‘hostage’…almost the entire British army if the fancy took, for I’ll lay odds the greatest contingent of soldiers are Scots. Is there a well planned consensus among certain world leaders to kick-off a war? I’m not sure about that, I see the rise of the right as a dangerous thing, breaking up alliances. If the alliances do crumble then it is quite possible/probable the world will walk blindly into oblivion. On that happy note I think I’ll now accept the ice cold beer I refused earlier!


    1. This ties in with one I retweeted a short while ago, also from The Guardian.

      I came to the conclusion a few months ago that global powers are making ready for war – a big one – and that all the shifting of positions at this time is a taking of sides. I’m too ignorant of the ins and outs at the level described in these articles – maybe we all are – but I can see, I can read and I can think. I’m not happy about the increased presence of force at Faslane. I also have grave fear that WM will do everything in its power to stop us from going. And it’s not as if they don’t have the means and the reasons for preventing independence. Ever get the feeling you’re dispensable? Not the land. The people. Maybe I’m being para. But I don’t think so.
      I was watching ‘The Imitation Game’ recently and noted a few scenes that I think are relevant now. First, the government official who stated that he was well-suited to the role of prevarication (loads of experience) and the fact that it was deemed necessary for casualties to occur on a fairly large scale in order to safeguard the code for ‘the greater good’.
      I think we’re fooling ourselves if we think we are seeing/hearing half of what is going on. The media is churning out shit, stirring a pot of falsehoods and soundbites and then accusing social media of fake news. With legislation to follow to prevent free speech? If that makes me a conspiracy theorist, so be it. I’d rather be that than let the bastards away with anything.
      We are pawns in a game, have been since we were born and then entered the workforce. A certain number of us is necessary but only so many and for such purposes as deemed fit. If we want independence then I think we need to look to neutral bodies to oversee the process. If it is the will of the Scottish people, and I believe it is (apart from died-in-the-wool unionists who would lie down and let a tank roll over them), then Trident needs out of Faslane pronto. Or maybe we should hold it hostage given the warmongers desire to see it put to some use.
      Sorry for going on a bit. Probably not what you came for but I genuinely fear for what they’re up to and what lies ahead if things continue as they are.


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