Angels Required – Apply If You Dare



Mayhem or monsters or weird creepy things

Fear angels with courage and bright, shiny wings

Who challenge all danger and vanquish the foes

Or turn on a light bulb to make the dark go

No shortage of ghouls that groan through the night

Nor dearth of big bullies that seek to cause fright

If angels are absent then what can you do

But grow a big pair and let them be you

No halos to speak of, no shimmering hair

Unused to flight travel when one needed where

Being a presence angelic would save

A supplicant’s heart who longs to be brave

A challenge before us when trouble ensues

Be monster or angel, a side you must choose

To be a bystander in the game that is played

Demons of dungeons will win, it is said

Imagine your wingspan, imagine your flight

Imagine the outcome if rules are played right

If angels are few in this realm of the dark

Where light merely flickers with barely a spark

A band of new angels need now must enlist

Intent and a signature all that is missed

Apply to the cosmos, apply to be one

Apply where one’s needed, it could be great fun

Intervention dynamic when folk need a hand

Can you be an angel who now makes that stand

No splendour, no bragging, but simple, serene

The dust of all starlight begotten, unseen

No payment, no kudos, but a swift spreading host

Being an angel where you’re needed most

Apply after thinking, apply when you’ve felt

That an absence of angels makes all hands worst dealt

Apply with all vigour, apply for defence

Go on now, you want to, you know it makes sense!

In a world of improbable, impossible knows

The quest for an army of angels now grows

Invisible, invincible, powerful pawns

Called into service to guide through till dawn

Essence of angel required today

Apply if you’re willing and do not delay

Posts are now filling but plenty to spare

Angels required, apply if you dare