Purer Love

Silver mist suspended still in space

Starlit canopy supporting grace

Curtained void where glimpsed a softer face

Revealing purer love

A million miles, a million years from here

Enlightened voices from a different sphere

Another world that understands all fears

Revealing purer love

I know we haven’t found a way there yet

We’re here where we belong

But if we seek beyond and don’t forget

We may sing a different song

I would travel there if I could fly

Ask every question, expect no lies

I would do all this before I die

Seeking purer love

The journey of a thousand nights ensues

The restless yearning in unspoken dreams  

The reaching for another world and view

Where dreams are always what they seem

I could live there out beyond the stars

A world away from where we are

A breath between what’s known so near, yet far

Revealing purer love

With apologies to Bob Dylan and Adele. This is what comes of not actually knowing the words of a song that’s stuck in your head, while driving, so just making your own up.