Purer Love

Silver mist suspended still in space

Starlit canopy supporting grace

Curtained void where glimpsed a softer face

Revealing purer love

A million miles, a million years from here

Enlightened voices from a different sphere

Another world that understands all fears

Revealing purer love

I know we haven’t found a way there yet

We’re here where we belong

But if we seek beyond and don’t forget

We may sing a different song

I would travel there if I could fly

Ask every question, expect no lies

I would do all this before I die

Seeking purer love

The journey of a thousand nights ensues

The restless yearning in unspoken dreams  

The reaching for another world and view

Where dreams are always what they seem

I could live there out beyond the stars

A world away from where we are

A breath between what’s known so near, yet far

Revealing purer love

With apologies to Bob Dylan and Adele. This is what comes of not actually knowing the words of a song that’s stuck in your head, while driving, so just making your own up.

15 thoughts on “Purer Love”

    1. Lol. 🙂 Poor hubby ‘s in bed with what looks like flu coming on so mum’s the word! A Happy V day to you too, Mark. Glad you liked the alternative lyrics. Still stuck with the tune in my head. 🙂

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      1. Poor lad, and of all days to get that. Looks like back to slaving over the oven momus, if he’s not up to taking you out to some posh restaurant 😀
        Regardless (if I can get the words out of my head too), have a lovely V Day 😀

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    1. That’s originally where I had it, after the first two verses, then changed it based on the rhyming scheme of the original song. :/ Wish I could play even one instrument. I’m afraid it’s voice only for me. How many do you play? Must be a fair few, I imagine.

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      1. That verse allows, even begs for repetition. I know when I write verse I always lose some good words along the way, a bit like an old lady picking flowers. A lecturer once told me that I had to prune a verse in order to make a song, but that chorus you wrote doesn’t need touching, it works. I play most things except brass. When I play brass it sounds like the morning after a curry.

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      2. Your lecturer sounds wise. I know a few things I’ve written, with music in mind, had to change when it came to actually singing.
        ‘Most things except brass’ is awesome. That’s talent and dedication in one. And writing, producing, singing your own music. You’ll succeed. No doubt of it.

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      3. Thanks for those tweets. They really help. I’m getting a few worthwhile customers via Twitter. Some of your poems are made for audio. The spoken word can be as powerful as a song with or without audio.

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