I Need To Say This…

Donald Trump is an idiot.

Who constantly speaks in superlatives the way he does?

Who repeats almost every word and phrase as if talking to morons?

Who brags about themself the way he does?

Who justifies themself so much and contradicts themself so often?

Who lives in cloud cuckoo land and pretends it’s real?

If he’s not actually a two year old then he has to be an idiot.

America, for God’s sake, and ours, get a grip.

You have an idiot as a leader.

Or a two year old.

Neither of which is suitable to make decisions for a country.

I’m not being mean. Truly, I’m not.

I’ve taught for almost thirty years and I can honestly say, hand on heart, I’ve never come across the most backward child who couldn’t communicate more effectively. Even if it was only in pictures. Or they were mute and signed. They made more sense.

He’s on the TV – again – right now.


‘Wall….a great wall…negotiated by me just like I’ve negotiated ….”

‘Illegal immigrant violence…of which there are many…’

‘Bigly’? ‘Big league’? Who knows?

‘Many, many, many more…’

‘Decades and decades and decades…’

‘Never been a presidency like mine….’

You’re no’  kiddin’!

I just can’t.

How can you, America?

The man is an idiot.

Please get him checked out.

He’s talking shite. Every time he opens his mouth, he talks shite.

‘I called Mexico. It was a very confidential, very classified call.’

‘Flynn… was not very satisfactory to me…he didn’t tell the vice-president….then he didn’t remember….’ but I’ll defend him anyway.


No, not okay.

I read an article today from The New York Times that encapsulated perfectly the essence of Brexit Britain. An outside perspective that gets it when so many here are buying into the blinkered belief of a great and glorious empire once again striding across a global stage. And a parliament ineffectually doffing their caps to the notion that ‘it’ll all work out’.

It won’t.

They’re idiots.

They would be the biggest idiots if it weren’t for yer man.

Chief among them has to be Donald J. Dummkopf must have been coined for him.

I’m sorry. But it’s true.

Take it from an outsider looking in.

It’s like a plague. A tremendous plague! Huge!

On both our houses.

At least some of your papers are questioning idiocy. Ours, for the most part, are just going with the flow. La, la, la, can’t hear you. Not listening.


Can’t live with them.

Shouldn’t be governed by them.

‘The public don’t know if it’s true or not because they’re not involved….I’m involved….been involved with it all my life….Fox are honourable people…the hatred….the panel…the venom…(from yours)…At least, it doesn’t get good ratings…I’m having a good time…I’m just telling you (the press) you’re dishonest people….should I let him have a little more time?….sit down….here’s the thing…I know when I should get good and when I should get bad…the public doesn’t believe you people any more…if you were straight….CNN story after story is bad….

‘The leaks are real…the news is fake…’

Sorry. What?

This is your president.

I’m mortified for you.

Terrified for all of us.

Send him back to nursery. Give him back to Geppetto. Or whoever’s pulling his strings.

America deserves a real boy. We all do. Gender optional.

35 thoughts on “I Need To Say This…”

    1. Cindy, my heart goes out to you all. Truly. It gives me no pleasure to call anyone an idiot but he is beyond a joke.
      I really hope he’s out the door shortly although those waiting in the wings are worryingly weird too. God knows what’s ahead.

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  1. So long as the untested, uninformed Pied Piper plays his with his ‘instrument’ those prone to games of follow the leader will follow, such is the way of tribes…and the very reason I am so fond of head-butting the wall.

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    1. We’ll need to build more walls just for the headbutting ahead, Mike. I’m stunned every time I hear him. Question Time, from Glasgow, to follow shortly. Eyeing up a wall right now waiting to see what ‘balanced’ audience has been selected for the occasion.

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  2. Hilarious!!! I can hear your voice my dear and although this is a very sad state…after all he is the leader of my southern neighbours…when American has a cold we sneeze. I thought Mayor Ford in Toronto was a sad joke with his absurd behaviour and gaffs but whn (whats his name is the nickname I have given this leader as I am tired of hearing his name) leading the most powerful country in the world…it is like giving a loaded gun to a toddler 😦

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  3. This is a time when saying “he’s an idiot” is not hyperbole. It’s the truth.

    The man is in unfit.

    I cannot get the image of him on November 8 when he addressed the audience when he was announced the winner. Do you remember the look in his eyes? He was terrified.

    He was in way over his head.

    Did you hear him yesterday, answering a question about antisemitism? He rhapsodized on the numbers pertaining to the vote and the electoral college. How is that sane, let alone, how is that a carefully balanced response from the POTUS?

    He’s an idiot.

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    1. Not long after finished listening to him again and he only seems to get worse, if that’s possible. So do his supporters, right enough. He is nothing like a reasonable person let alone a president.


  4. Be careful now. The man might just qualify your blog as a FAKE BLOG.

    But in all seriousness, it is scary. I’m scared for the Americans he’s governing. I’m scared for those who aren’t phallic straight white Christians living there. I’m afraid for the Muslim countries of the world. Heck, I’m afraid for the world.

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    1. It’s hard to imagine that he’s only been in office a few weeks! The campaign itself was lengthy enough and he’s still ranting in the same way. God help us all if he’s allowed to continue unchecked.

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  5. …with power, and, what is really disturbing, a lot of popularist support. Part of me can’t help but think that the Democrats were complicit in this in selecting a candidate who didn’t have the ‘common’ man’s ear. Have they not heard of chimpanzees?

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    1. I’m beginning to think democracy doesn’t work, Chris, if the results here and there are anything to go by. Electoral college, unelected PM, unelected House of Lords, how much money is involved in politics, the amount of lies that are ‘allowed’ as part of campaigning. Maybe we should be looking at how many people choose not to vote and why that is. Maybe running the country should be down to people taking turns in the same way that juries are. Civic responsibility and all that. That would make for some interesting results too, right enough!

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      1. Uggh, the disappearing internet. I’ve been having bother with mine on and off for months now. And such distress it causes with the weans. ‘Mum, do something!’ Don’t let on to them but it causes me some distress too. Withdrawal systems aren’t in it and a promised appointment is a week away. Fortunately, it’s come back on each time without needing them or having to wait but oh, the idea of going cold turkey! First world problems, right enough. :/

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      2. Worrying thing is how much we get used to it and then, suddenly it’s gone and we realise how reliant we have all become. Oh well, like yourself we’re back in business.


  6. Anne-Marie, this is so deeply embarrassing. What does it say about Americans? It only confirms the impression the rest of the world rightfully has that we are insular fools with shallow intellects.

    Honestly, the only thing that gives me comfort is knowing the extent to which the Right wing nuts in this country went to, to game the system with voter roll purges and blocked voting, lies and gerrymandering. That in addition to the unwarranted hatred and misunderstanding of Hillary Clinton, which the greedy media here promoted and inflamed further.

    But, the Electoral College mechanism was meant to prevent this. Instead it has become a rubber stamp for the worst among us. It failed us, because we failed to keep it muscular and to remember its purpose.

    In the end, I cannot absolve the American people of blame. Only a fraction voted at all, and we had idiots like Susan Sarandon refusing to vote on some benighted “lofty” idealism.

    I can only hope his stupidity and depravity will take him down, and quickly.

    Forgive us, world, for we patently know not what we do.

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    1. Beth, I keep thinking of you and others on here who are living with this. It is awful for you. Don’t for a minute imagine that anyone thinks that everyone is tarred with the same brush. If that were the case, the whole of the UK would be a sorry shower of nincompoops. We have to keep holding on to the fact – the truth – that there are many who totally disagree with the direction being taken here and there. It is a worry how the system is so easily manipulated by those prepared to use underhand tactics. I read another article about the PR agency, used by Farage here and Bannon at your end, to use big data analysis to target different demographics. In and of itself, that probably wouldn’t be so bad if, in targeting, truth remained and the purpose was to reach out and reassure. But that’s not, by all accounts, what is was used for. Instead, the message changed to suit the audience and so lies were part and parcel of both campaigns.
      He’s on TV again just now and I don’t even know why I’m watching. It’s genuinely like listening to a despot. He’s off his rocker. Whatever you do don’t give in. For all our sakes.xxx

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  7. Well said. In my group this week, I read an article about 2 year olds that was written decades ago. It talked about the fact that it is important for an infant to believe that he/she is the center of the universe but in the second year parents are to start “the process of socialization- the attempt to transform him from Cosmic Potentate in to a responsible and most un-cosmic member of society…….they make him wait for things he wants and even, on occasion, reject his demands completely and without explanation. ………This effectively yanks the rug of his egocentric sense of security out from under him, lands him on his regal butt, and makes him completely and ferociously furious.”

    “He Who Shall Not Be Named” is still 2.

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  8. It all can’t be said often enough, can it? We can laugh, we can cry, but overhanging it all is that somehow the U.S. (and by default nearly all of us) has arrived at this scary, scary situation where they have a president who, aside from all his other appalling defects, doesn’t respect the separate levels of government, established decorum wrt other countries, or most of his fellow citizens … or the notion of freedom of religion, freedom of the press, or compassion. This is not the United States the world knows or needs. As we watch this frightening drama unfold from outside the borders (north in my case), we applaud and encourage those who understand that resistance must be continuing. Democracy is at stake. So. Damn. Scary.

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    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head with every point here. Resistance to all forms of oppression and suppression must be ongoing. Hellish that it should even be necessary but maybe we only truly value something when we fear its loss.

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