The Art Of The Screw

I’ll be the church you really want when praying in your pew

I’ll bless the ones that worship me and recognise my due

I’ll promise paradise for those who beat out my tattoo

I’ll guarantee your just reward if my faith you will pursue


You’ll be the brave apostles of a world I’ll build anew

You’ll see that I am saviour though I know not of virtue

You’ll chant and follow where I go, just thoughts you will subdue

You’ll have license, I’ll provide, to be the worst of you


I’ll entertain your idol dreams with yarns I’ll spin for you

I’ll make you see what I can see with lies you think are true

I’ll make you question common sense and all that you once knew

I’ll do it all to camouflage I haven’t got a clue


You’ll beg for muck that I’ll provide and even form a queue

You’ll slurp up shit and spout it forth denying that it’s poo

You’ll hear the things you want to hear that suit your point of view

You’ll swallow all my prophecies and stick to them like glue


We’ll build the walls you crave to build between the them and you

We’ll flout the laws of liberty, that statue we’ll eschew

We’ll scorch the constitution and write a new menu

We’ll offer racist bigotry, for supremacy argue

We’ll be the pride of furthest right, together we’ll count coup

You be mine and I’ll be yours until I’m done with you

I’ll be lord and you’ll be fucked, now writing

book-cover_liGhost Writer Required/Apply White House Trump Tower


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